Other Black Friday Deals

More rebates are available from other manufacturers in addition to those already covered. First of all, some Nikon DSLR bodies and mirrorless cameras are offered with instant savings. Nikon 1 J1 with a 10-30mm zoom lens costs just $200! Canon also dropped the price of some of its cameras for the holidays. Then there is Sony E mount lens rebates with instant savings that range from $25 to $200, while Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 receives a discount with the price knocked down to $109 (from $141).

Black Friday Deals

Most of these are also offered with free shipping within USA. The majority of Nikon rebates are valid through November 30th. We will keep this list updated with any new rebates that might become available.

Nikon DSLR and Mirrorless Rebates

Some of these cameras come with free stuff thrown in, such as memory cards and battery packs. You can see the details by clicking the links below.

You can see the rest of Nikon camera deals by clicking here.

Canon DSLR and Mirrorless Rebates

As with Nikon cameras, some of the following products are offered with free accessories thrown in. Also, final prices of some are shown at checkout.

Sony E-mount Lens Rebates

Unfortunately, the latest Sony E-mount lenses designed for full-frame mirrorless cameras don’t seem to be part of the rebates program. However, for some extremely weird reason, there seem to be three different 18-200mm zoom lenses, all priced differently… This is beyond me, but then, I do not own Sony NEX system.

These rebates are also valid through November 30th.

Sigma DSLR Lens Rebates

Sigma is offering instant savings for quite a few of its lenses. Here is a list of the most popular among those for Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras:

1) Nikon F Mount

2) Canon EOS

  • Subidiom

    Thanks Romanas – I snapped up one of those J1’s for my daughter – can’t beat the price and a way better value than a P/S. Plus, she really wanted a silver one!

    • https://romanuipatinkafotografuoti.lt Romanas Naryškin

      That is exactly what I thought – much, much better than a P/S at that price! I’m sure your daughter will love it. And, by the way, we hugely appreciate this sort of affiliate link support, thank you!

      • Subidiom

        Of course – would never have seen this deal without your listing. Thanks!!

      • Keith

        Candidly, I didn’t see any great deals at B&H… I bought a D610 kit from B&H two weeks ago and current pricing was the same… Also bought 400.00 worth of filters last week and no deal this week on them either…PLUS, I’m kind of annoyed at them for the dumb was one of their guys handled a request to match an Amazon price on a Nikkor 105 (50 bucks cheaper at Amazon)!
        A couple of days later their sales manger sent me an apology note, to their credit, telling me they’d meet the price without having to jump thru hoops, but I’d already pulled the Amazon trigger… Btw, while I was there I also bought the new manfrotto 190 wither the q90 horizontal capability and thanks to a Nasim article I also went and spent a ton to get a new manfrotto head with Arca Swiss plate/lock capabilities (the Q6)… So, despite yo guys reminding us of your B&H partnership, I’m not seeing any big reason to make them my “go to”

        • https://romanuipatinkafotografuoti.lt Romanas Naryškin

          Keith, most of the time the prices are very similar between B&H, Amazon and Adorama. It is just that we have a very good experience with B&H and they will often match prices if you find a product to be cheaper elsewhere. :)

          In any case, it is not our primary goal to force our readers to spend more or on something they do not need. In the end, I am happy you found the gear you needed for a price that was suitable for you. If it just so happens that someone ends up buying through B&H, that is a huge help for us. If not – well, we won’t stop working because of it. :)

          Thanks for sharing your experience!

          • Keith

            Romanas, I follow most what you guys post and love the advice (for instance getting the D610 when I wanted to move up from my D7k… No “force” from photographylife intended or implied in my comment… I would gave preferred B&H for the additional gear too, havering spent for an Epson pro printer, the D610, etc from them in the past couple of weeks. With that said, it’s a “no relationship” situation in my experience with them… And if they”d simply matched the 105mm price I would agree with the all good experience comments… But after explaining how much I’d just spent, and how much more I was about to spend, it didn’t matter… So, to me it looks like shop price, whereas it would normally shop price and relationship even if it cost a few bucks more.
            Thanks to the photographylife team for consistently GREAT technical and technique info though…

            • Alban

              I am with Kieth on this. I went to their store this morning to buy a Nikon d800 Package and had checked the price before leaving my place. $2,916 – promotion valid until tomorrow, 11-30. When I arrived there the price had climbed up to $2,961. I know, not a big deal on that kind of sale, but anyway, I told the guy from B&H that it was weird, almost dishonest, to raise some prices on Black Friday to take advantage of the BF frenzy and make a few more bucks… Basically the answer was prices can change anytime – even for specific time limited deals – and that I could check elsewhere for a better price, which I intend to do.
              Unfortunately, B&H can not be everybody’s “trusted” partner.

  • https://www.facebook.com/SandipanBiswasPhotography Sandipan

    Any deals on Sigma products?

    • https://romanuipatinkafotografuoti.lt Romanas Naryškin

      I will update this article shortly with Sigma deals. :)

      • Sandipan

        Thank you. I will be waiting for Sigma deals

    • https://romanuipatinkafotografuoti.lt Romanas Naryškin

      Done, Sigma lenses are live!

      • Sandipan

        Just saw them. No deals on sigma 35mm 1.4 art lens!

        • https://romanuipatinkafotografuoti.lt Romanas Naryškin

          Unfortunately, no, none of the newest Sigma lenses are in the rebates program.

  • HomoSapiensWannaBe

    I believe there are rebates on the Panasonic GX7 body ($150) & kit ($200).

    • https://romanuipatinkafotografuoti.lt Romanas Naryškin

      Working on Panasonic and Olympus now. :) Thank you!

  • Sharline

    I want to pick up a Nikon d610. I take mostly sports photos, and don’t want to pay the price of a 70-200mm 2.8. Would someone recommend a lens to take photos of outdoor soccer and indoor basketball? I have been able to take decent photos of soccer with a standard Nikon d60 and the two lenses bundled with it, but now want to step up my game. I have never been able to take photos of indoor basketball because of the lighting. What would be a good lens for that?

    • Chad

      If you are going to get the D610, I would take a look at the 70-200 f/4. It is about a thousand dollars cheaper than the 2.8 and much lighter. It would work great for outdoor soccer. And since you are looking to move to full-frame you can just raise your ISO for the indoor basketball games without introducing much noise. Hope this helps.

      • Sharline

        Thanks, I will take a look at that. I was considering a 28-300mm, but like the f/4 in the lens you recommended.