Nikon D90 SDXC Compatibility

Now that the high-capacity SDXC cards are available (with up to 2TB in total size), some Nikon D90 owners might be looking at purchasing 64GB+ SDXC cards for additional/expanded storage.

SanDisk 64GB Ultra SDXC Memory

The bad news, is that the Nikon D90 currently does not support the SDXC memory. Since the physical interface between SDHC and SDXC cards is the same, Nikon might be able to support SDXC in D90 by releasing a firmware update that can read the SD 3.0 specification. However, based on the history (specifically, the Nikon D50 + SDHC compatibility problem), Nikon probably will not address this problem and only provide support for the SDXC format on the upcoming Nikon D90 update that will be released next year.

As of today, only 64GB versions of the SDXC cards are available for sale by major retailers. Higher capacity cards with up to 2TB in size and up to 300MB/second transfer rate will be released by various manufacturers in the future.

  • Lincoln Phillips

    Hello Nasim (and my best to your family)

    After reading the SDXC news I am curious what the future of CF is (I’m a D3 user) Will newer cards/capacities still be introduced based on the UDMA standard, or will we see a phase-out of this type. Also, I had heard about differences in data reliability between CF and SD but questioned the truth of such assumptions. Any insight there?


    • Nasim Mansurov

      Lincoln, absolutely! Nikon and many other companies is teaming up with CompactFlash association to create faster, more reliable and much larger CF cards to be used in future cameras. They are talking about future 1TB+ sizes now and soon enough, you will see very large cards that will have lots of additional space. CF is certainly here to stay!

      As far as data reliability, I believe manufacturers will still push CF to be more reliable than SD, although SD has been making a lot of good progress during the last several years. I believe CF is still going to be the gold standard for pro-level bodies, while SD will be a good alternative for such things as recording video.

  • Isaac McGinley


    Just to let you know. I own a 64gb card SDXC card as shown above, and it works fine in my Nikon D90. I am very impressed, good speed for continuous mode. It will take over 4,000 photos in RAW.


    • Nasim Mansurov

      Issac, really? That’s surprising, because SDXC is not supposed to work in SDHC-only slots:

      Could you please send me the product code of the card you are using?

      • Isaac McGinley

        Nasim, yes it’s definitely working in my D90. It is the exact card as shown above in the image on the original post. I’m not sure what you mean by product code, but I can show you the barcode number from the box that the SDXC card came in if you like?

        • Kevin Zhao

          This sounds really promising. Thanks!

    • Grace Illiterati

      Are your D90 and the SDXC card still playing well together? I’d love an update. :) Thanks!

      • Isaac McGinley

        Yes, very well thanks! The card hasn’t let me down. I use it for a variety of devices now, two different DSLR’s, the D90 and the D3100. I also use it to backup important info and it also works very well as a large USB removable disk! Let me know if have any more questions!


        • H.Maamo

          do you guys know if SDXC works with Nikon D80… ???

          • Isaac McGinley

            Not sure if it works on D80, but if I come into contact with one I will be sure to try it out and let you know!

            • stxyx

              hello!isaac could you tell me the brand of your 64g sd card?

          • Dan

            My D80 works with a SanDsik 64gb micro sdxc in a generic sdhc adapter, offering 8.5k images space…likely over 10,000 in real use :) You need to format it with Fat32Format though

    • coolpicgirl

      Isaac, my Lexar 64SDXC card works in my D90 TOO, to take photos, BUT it WON’T record video. Any luck with yours? Anyone has the same success/ prob?

      • Isaac McGinley

        Hi! Yes I have the same problem! Not sure why this is, must be something to do with the age of the D90’s. It dosen’t bother me too much though. How are you getting on with the card?

    • Michelle

      This card works in my D90 for photos, but not for videos. Do you have any issue with videos?

      • Isaac

        No, I can’t get it to take videos on that card either. :(

  • Bob

    How do you know there will be an “upcoming Nikon D90 update that will be released next year.”?

  • stxyx

    could tell me the brand of your 64G sd card? thanks

  • squishyfish

    I would think the card pictured would have a hard time with video because it’s a class 4. Minimum is class 6 for HD 720. I try not to buy anything under class 10 (the highest you can buy).

  • Corrado

    Hi, I write from Italy, I would be too interested in this memory, if kindly can you tell me the , you would be grateful.
    A cordial greeting from Conrad

    • Corrado

      The brand of course! bye-bye

      • Isaac McGinley

        It’s “Sandisk”

  • Emily

    I wish I would have read this before I bought a SanDisk Ultra SDXC 64 gb for my Nikon D90. Have they came out with an update yet? Mine will not work dangit.

    • Isaac McGinley

      Try formatting the card Within the D90. That worked for me. I use it all the time.

      • Emily

        I did format in the D90, it didn’t work. Thanks though.

  • Dan

    I have a SanDisk 64gb micro sdxc which works fine using a generic sdhc adapter in my Nikon D80(!) – you just need to make sure you format it with Fat32Format. Freshly formatted and placed in my camera, the D80 reports 8.5k image capacity!

  • Mike L

    Having just purchased a Transend SDXC UHS-1 64gb class 10 card, it to excepts photos but not video, but it is slower and the buffer slows to a halt much quicker than my old Lexar 8gb SDHC class 6 card..
    Not sure why this could be.

  • darlene

    my 64 works fine with pictures and video on my d90.. I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t supposed to use them until a friend told me.. its’ really all ive used for the last couple of years..

  • Iman Mosavat

    is this update out already? I want to buy this card for my D750 and I wonder if it would also work on my D90?

  • Harry

    SanDisk 64GB micro SDXC, picture ok but no video. SanDisk 32GB extreme micro SDHC, picture and video ok, good speed too…Nikon D90.

  • Mario Badilla

    I have a Nikon D5000 with a Sony SDXC 64gb card, and it won’t record video with this card