Nikon D3200 Giveaway Winner

Today we are announcing the lucky winner of the Nikon D3200 Giveaway that we hosted all of last month. We had an incredible number of entries – a whopping 1648 candidates, but unfortunately, only one of them gets to win the camera. I use a random number generator by for these kinds of giveaways, so it picks one number for me between 1 and the total number of entries (1648 in this case).

Mansurovs and B&H Nikon D3200 Giveaway

So after putting the numbers and hitting the “Generate” button, it gave me … (drums rolling):

Nikon D3200 Winner Random

The number 824! After pulling the comment #824 in the giveaway and matching the name against our Facebook Fans (confirming the winner is in fact our Facebook fan), I am happy to announce that the winner is Joy Yagit, with Joy Yagit Photography:

Joy Yagid Winner

Congratulations with winning the Nikon D3200 camera kit Joy! You will be hearing from us shortly!

For those who did not win, please do not be disappointed – we will be running many more giveaways and contests going forward. In fact, we will be announcing another contest shortly, so stay tuned!

  • Rafael Machado


  • Lois Bryan

    Congratulations, Joy!!!!!!

  • Urayoan Miranda

    Congratulations! Enjoy the new toy =)

  • Slawomir Lach

    Congratulations! :)

  • Christopher C. Mabale

    congratulations joy!

  • lilantha

    Congratulations!!!! Hope to view his talents with new camera….

  • Homero

    Lucky man!!! Don’t forget to share with us the pictures :DDD

  • Karen Kuncken


  • Joy Yagid

    Wow! Thanks so much – I am so excited and can’t wait to get shooting with it!!!

  • Arvind Kanswal

    Congratulations, Joy!
    It pinches to not have won, but it feels very good to imagine how you must be feeling. :)

  • Vu Duy Thanh

    Congratulations, Joy Yagit.


    Lucky winner. Notice that the random number is 824 exactly one-half of 1648, the total number of entries.

  • Ralph Carlo B. Villaver

    Oh, I thought the winner won’t be raffled, instead, mansurovs will choose depending on what they’ve answered. anyway, Congrats to the winner!

    • CK

      I thought so too. I just realized he will have a hard time reading all those 1648 comments. Congrats to the winner though. Very lucky!

  • kumar varun

    congratulations Joy ..

  • Sivacharan

    Joy, Congratz bro…!!!

  • The Dude

    I was not in the competition…but I presume you checked all the 823 comments before too. Because, if you actually pulled number 824, there might be other comments before to pull too… Or?

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Why would I pull the comments at all? I ran a random number generator and put 1 to 1648 as the range. It picked a random number for me, which happened to be 824.

  • The Dude

    Well, already found the flaw on the very first comment!
    Comment 488 and 535 should also be pulled if you actually pulled 824. Am sure that there are more comments to pull.
    Perhaps a good idea to check that next time…

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Again, it doesn’t matter as far as I am concerned. If someone posted an irrelevant comment and they ended up being chosen, I would have filtered them out while picking the winner. If the person who won did not participate on the Facebook side, I would have filtered him/her out as well. But I can only do this on the winner – I don’t have the time to go through thousands of participants…

      • The Dude

        Ok, fair enough. It’s still random. And I see the trouble of filtering only comments. As long it’s not too many extra comments it doesn’t matter…

  • Ciprian Hriscu


  • Jayant Varade

    I dont see Winner of the contest has performed 2 tasks out of 3 that were asked! Disqualification?

  • Joy Yagid

    Thank you Nasim! the camera arrived today and I can’t wait for the battery to charge and take it out for a spin!

  • Fafa Zahar

    Hmmm I wish if I could join this before :/ But it’s too late. I really really wish to have a DSLR camera, but since I’m too ‘small’ (14 y/o) my father didn’t allow me to have it. But for sure, I really love photography; but I don’t have camera >.< Anyway, congrate to the winner :)