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Fuji X-T200 Announcement

Fujifilm has announced yet another X-series camera in its line-up, the Fuji X-T200, an upgrade to the popular X-T100 mirrorless camera. Unlike other Fuji X cameras with X-Trans sensors, it features a 24 MP Bayer sensor. Although the sensor is very similar to that of the X-T100, Fuji was able…

Understanding Shutter Speed (Video)

For today's video, I’m revisiting one of the most critical camera settings out there: shutter speed. So much of photography builds off shutter speed (and exposure generally) that I wanted to publish this one before diving into deeper topics.

Nikon D780 Announcement

Today Nikon announced its latest generation full-frame DSLR, the Nikon D780. Built on the success of the extremely popular D750 and its mirrorless counterpart Z6, the Nikon D780 combines some of the best features from both cameras into a single compact and lightweight body.

New Year, New Youtube Videos

I'm happy to kick off the 2020s at Photography Life by announcing a new weekly series of Youtube videos, including one I've published today. This video covers a bunch of ways to take better photos with any camera.

Happy New Year!

With only a few hours left until 2019 ends (which it already did for some of our readers in other countries), I wanted to wish a very Happy New Year to all of our readers around the world. Thank you for continuing to come back to Photography Life to get…

The Very Best Black Friday Deals of 2019

Black Friday is here, and the deals are coming in strong from every major manufacturer. In this post, we will cover all the best deals that we were able to find for our readers. Please note that we will update this page continuously, all the way into Cyber Monday.