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Highlights from an Exciting 2022 at Photography Life

Another year is wrapping up, and it was a big one! Our team at Photography Life grew by four talented writers during 2022. Meanwhile, the photography world kept chugging along with new technological developments, especially in artificial intelligence. Here’s how I see the “best of 2022” from my position as the Editor of Photography Life.

Photography News: Rumored Lenses, Canon Sales

When I first thought about the intro to today's Photography News, I wanted to write something about how gloomy, dark, and cold it is outside all day. This morning, my hand literally froze to the door handle. But your perception of the world is likely to be quite different from...

Photography Life 2023 Workshop Announcements

I'm excited to announce the schedules for our upcoming 2023 Photography Life international workshops. In addition to our Jordan Photography Workshop that we have been running for many years now, we are adding a brand new workshop in Ecuador and Galápagos Islands! My close friend and business partner, Tareq Hadi,...