Moon and Mars

I thought the spot on the right side of the Moon was Venus, but then it was glowing orange. Checked it out online and it turns out to be Mars! Apparently, today the Moon was supposed to eclipse Mars.

Took this picture with a D300 – apertures f/10-14, shutter speeds 1/250-600s. Used Photoshop to combine multiple images into one. Picture taken at approximately 9 PM MST.

Moon and Mars


  1. March 25, 2012 at 11:38 am

    After seeing your image on the moon here, it is a coincidence that I had just recently taken a similar photo on March 6 or 7 and am postin it on a new little website I have started to show the megapixel evolution since I started out with the old 2.5 mgpix Sony Mavica 1000 about 18 years ago? … Took many thousands of photos with it on the little CD disks .. Acutally wore it out and even sent it back to Sony to rebuild in the day long ago. Have a few thousand of those photos posted on the 200+ noncommercial hobby, info, etc websites I have been doing for about 17 yrs now …

    I started out on your site yesterday I really found your blogs on the D800 vs the D800e very enlightening … I too was at first planning on the D800e but between your site and our long time professional local camera shop which is requiring anyone buying the D800E to sign a disclaimer that they have fully researched this and will not be able to bring it back in exchange for the D800 that cinched it for me. I have also forwarded your page to some friends and have signed up for your emails … Thanks so much for what you do for all your bloggers … It is an unbelievable amount of work but highly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Doc Hemp

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