Mansurovs Workshop Schedule for 2012

Many of our readers have been asking about our photography workshop schedule for this year. While I initially planned for the summer, due to the increased interest from local photographers (many of whom are pros), we decided to postpone the workshops till the end of the summer. The summer schedule is pretty hectic for most photographers, including us, due to weddings and other photo shoots, so we decided that it would be best to conduct workshops in early September instead. Below you will find the more or less finalized schedule for our upcoming photography workshops.

1) Workshops and Dates

So far we have decided to conduct two workshops on two different topics:

  1. September 8, 2012 – Flash Photography Workshop
  2. September 9, 2012 – Post-Processing Workshop
  3. September 22, 2012 – Landscape Photography Workshop (FULL)

These workshops have been requested quite a bit, especially the one on flash photography. We also initially planned on doing landscape and portrait photography workshops, but we might not offer those if there is not enough interest.

2) Location, Space and Availability

The exact location for each workshop has not been finalized at this point (we are in the process of negotiating space), but the workshops will be held in Denver, CO. We will limit our workshops to 50 people and the workshops will fill up pretty quickly. If you are planning to come from a different state or country, we will assist you with booking a hotel room (hotel accommodation, airfare and other costs will be your responsibility). The fee for the workshop will be the same, whether you are local or not.

3) Flash Photography Workshop Agenda

The flash photography workshop is going to be all about using speedlights, various light modifiers, video lights, studio lights, etc. Many photographers feel quite uncomfortable using flash, so we will cover everything from flash photography basics to more advanced topics (on-camera flash using speedlights and off-camera flash with infrared or radio communication). The goal of the workshop is to provide plenty of information and give you hands-on experience for you to to quickly master flash and be able to photograph in pretty much any environment. We will go through indoors and outdoors photography and show you how to utilize your gear in various environments. We will mostly focus on using speedlights with portable tools, but might also spend some time talking about studio light (time permitting). You will need to bring your camera with a speedlight for this
A detailed agenda will be provided once it is finalized.

4) Post-Processing Workshop Agenda

How should you handle photos once they are taken? What does an effective post-processing workflow look like? How should you process your images and what tools can save you time and money? These are some of the topics we will cover during this workshop. We will spend a lot of time going through simple, yet effective Lightroom and Photoshop tricks that will speed up and enhance the way you organize and process your images. A detailed agenda will be provided once it is finalized.

5) Landscape Photography Workshop Agenda

September is a hot month for me in terms of travel. I travel all over the US, but mostly in Colorado to photograph the beautiful fall foliage we get to see here every year. This workshop will be held in a remote scenic location close to San Juan mountains of Colorado (we will meet in Ridgway, CO). We will go over gear, photography basics and we will take pictures together in my favorite spots, so you will learn quite a bit and come back with beautiful photographs. If you are interested in such a class and you are willing to travel, please check a selection below and sign up.

6) How to Sign Up

A sign up form is provided in our secure Workshop Registration Page (closed). We are accepting credit card payments at this time, but you can also choose to pay with a check or cash on the day of the workshop (please notify via the contact form if you wish to do that). Please sign up ONLY if you will be attending the workshop for sure. Our mailbox is already overflowing with requests and we need to plan for the number of people that will attend.

Remember, space will be limited, so sign up early and reserve your spot!

  • Oded Shopen

    Wow, for 50$ it is an amazing deal. Too bad I’m far far away.

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Oded, we will see if recording the workshops will be feasible or not. We might offer a DVD from the workshops if we are able to record the sessions.

      • Sam

        i´d like to buy such dvd,
        i am to far away too :S

      • Peter2

        Would love to fly to Denver to attend any of those workshops, besides to learn stuff I’d like to be able to speak to any of the member of the Mansurovs team :)

        Too bad I’m scheduled for work traveling like crazy in September, so if any DVD available, I’ll get one.

        Thanks in advance,


      • Oded Shopen

        Nasim, since we’re in 2012, I would highly recommend to skip the DVD and just sell an iPad compatible digital copy online :) this will be cheaper to sell and more valuable for us.

      • souvik

        Hi Nasim,

        I am in Chicago, but given my schedule I don’t think i will be able to make it. So, please offer DVD or if someway we can watch it live that will be great too. Thanks

        I am really interested in Post Processing sessions.



      • Martin

        Same for me, would be interested for the post processing DVD and the flash photography DVD as from Switzerland you are quite too far away.

    • sycton

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      Could you share the theme to my E-mail:

  • Myrna

    Thank you for the opportunity for hosting two great workshops, both of which
    I have been waiting for. It’s understood that the summer months are hectic
    For most photographers but us enthusiasts who are newbies testing out their new found hobby
    Of photography through taking pictures of their kids find more time in the summer. Unfortunately, sept dates are not convenient since school is starting (bum). Is there a suggestion that you can live feed the conference ( we can still pay your cost) just to hear your expertise advise. Or, create a workshop DVD do we can purchase it. Either way, at least it would give us the opportunity for those who are not the first 50 chosen to experience the knowledge we all come to your website for.. You and Lola are amazing!! Thanks

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Myrna, we will do our best to record the sessions. If we can produce a good quality DVD, we will offer it to our readers.

      • Pascal

        Hi Nasim,

        Put me down for a copy as well !

  • Brian Lentine

    Excuse my ignorance. Where are you located?

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Oops, I am sorry about that! The workshops will be held in Denver, CO. Exact location will be posted later this week (negotiating event space right now).

  • Stefan

    I will second that – where will the workshops?

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Stefan, the workshops will take place in Denver, CO – sorry for not clarifying that!

      • Stefan

        Thanks, Nasim!
        I wish I could come, but it’s a long way from Philadelphia…
        May be some day…

  • Paul

    Where are you located? Can’t find that on your site.

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Paul, I apologize for misunderstanding – the workshops will be held in Denver, CO (updated the post).

  • kish

    We wish you do some workshops in BIGSUR OR IN SAN FRANCISCO.


    • Nasim Mansurov

      Kish, maybe that’s something we can do next year, since I love both locations!

      • Binny

        I will second this request for Bigsur or SF or San Jose

  • Robert

    Argh, you did it to me again!!! :)

    Your workshops last year were right smack in the middle of a trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
    This year? Right in the middle of a Fall Yellowstone trip.
    That PP workshop is something that really interests me.

    Thanks for offering these Nasim, hoping the landscape workshop comes together (did submit my info).

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Robert, my mailbox is already overflowing with requests for a landscape photography workshop. I will be posting dates on that one later today. Looking forward to meeting you in person and I promise I will make it up with the post-processing stuff :)

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Robert, the schedule for the landscape photography workshop is posted – please see the updated post below. Hope you can make it to this one :)

  • Chris Weller

    I would like to see these workshops be 2 day events with at least one day, preferably both, be on a weekend day. If people are going to fly in from around the country 1 day isn’t enough to justify the time and expense.

    my 2 cents

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Chris, that’s why the workshops are one after another – Sep 8, 9
      The landscape photography workshop is a 2 day workshop, also over a weekend.

      • souvik

        Hi Nasim,

        What time will the workshop start on Sep 9 and when will it end? I am thinking of flying in from Chicago, for the post-processing workshop. Please let me know. Thank you. \


  • Bill Doyle

    Nasim, I sent in a registration form earlier today. How exactly will I be notified that my spot is reserved for Sept. 8, 9, and the weekend of the 22nd? I want to make sure that I have a place in the workshops.


    • Nasim Mansurov

      Bill, your spot is reserved. I will send info on payment soon.

  • thhh

    Wish I could attend. Greets from this side of the world, coming from Shanghai, China!

  • Jay

    Got any plans for an online workshop in the future?

  • Chris Weller

    Great! I’ll look at the Landscape workshop.

  • mayank manu

    Hi Nasim
    Please book a copy of DVD for me as well , its not possible to come all the way from India as of now to attend.

    thanks for your efforts

    Mayank Manu

  • Chandra

    Wish i could attend, but far away in India…DVD would be very helpful for people like me.

  • Kevin

    I would love to attend your classes, however have already booked a cruise which conflicts with the schedule. I would also love to get a hold of a DVD if your sucessful at creating one. I hope you continue to offer these workshops so I can attend a future event.

    • Tom

      Registered, can’t wait Nasim!

  • Pavan

    Very cool, looking forward for this workshop

  • Sathya Sankar

    I”m a long time follower and fan of the website and really excited to see the workshop post. I’ve tried to enroll for them but haven’t received any confirmation yet. Is there a way to check the status of my enrollment. Thanks

    • Sathya Sankar

      Thanks for the email confirmation… Can’t wait for the workshops

  • Pascal Hibon

    Hi Nasim,

    I would love to attend to your workshops but I live in Belgium. That’s a bit out of the way… Anyway, looking forward to your digital workshops in the future.

    Many photographers seem to be using Lightroom to edit their work. LR does seem like a great tool and it is not too expensive, making it in reach of non professionals as well. I’m quite new to digital photography and I have been enjoying your tips and information on this site a lot. I recently bumped into AfterShot Pro by Corel. I’m currently running an evaluation version and it seems like a great tool as well. It has many features found in LR and even a few things that LR doesn’t have. The price is amazing too; $99 for this kind of software is really cheap. Did you have a chance to have a look at AfterShot Pro and what are your thoughts?

  • Juan S.

    Nasim, I would love to attend but I need to check since I am located in Ohio; if I can’t I would like to have a dvd copy. Thanks a lot.

  • Phoenix

    Hi Nasim!

    Just went to register for the landscape workshop. It appears to be full. Could you put me on the “waiting” or “back-up” list. I’ll be flying in from Ft. Lauderdale. I’d love to attend, capture the beauty and learn from you and your team. Thanks for the consideration.

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Phoenix, I apologize for a late response. Looks like you have already registered for the landscape workshop and paid for it. The good news is, I had one person cancel, so it was good timing for you :) I will be sending you an email shortly.

  • Jason Weber

    Hi Nasim,
    I too would love to attend the landscape workshop but just learned about your post this morning. Any chance you might have another. I’ve waited over a year to see such a post and am sad that I missed this great opportunity. Really sad, but glad you have such a following.
    Jason from Fort Collins

  • Yaser

    Hi Nasim,
    You should be proud about yourself, you really make people happy including me by teaching them in great way.
    I’m using Nikon D3000 and I hate photography because of photos quality I’m getting but after I read your posts and your past I decide to upgrade my Camera and try it again according to your suggestions.
    I wish one day you come over to Dubai / UAE and have workshop there.

  • AJ

    I’m a fan of yours and flying from Malaysia to there may not be cost effective for me, that means I’d love to purchase DVD version of your training. So think abt it! :)

  • Jose Silva

    I am far away too (Brazil). It´s sound great we have those DVDs about the workshops;

  • Madmax

    Dear Mansurovs, a DVD Please…. I am ready to purchase it.. Just to see the Mansurovs in it.. and of course the valuable tips… Please record the Landscape sessions..

  • Kevin

    Dear Mansurovs,
    Were you able to create a DVD of the training you offered? I was unable to attend but would love to learn from you.

  • Christy

    First, thanks for all of the wonderful tutorials & photography information. I visited Colorado for the first time just before your landscape workshop this year, but did not discover your site until after we had returned (although I’m sure the workshop was full long before we planned our trip). My husband & I (& dogs) loved visiting Colorado & want to return next year. Do you have an email list just for the workshops? I’d love to know if you are planning any for 2013 & I don’t want to miss out as I know they will fill up fast. Thank you!