Madi and Tyler: Portraits

I know Madi from one of our weddings that we shot earlier this year. She was a perfect little flower girl and her mommy Erin was a perfect bridesmaid! I secretly wished that someday Erin would call me and let me photograph Madi. My love for little girls is not just a secret. But if you haven’t heard before I am telling you now: I kind of secretly wish to have a baby daughter some day! Our house is full of boys and at times it gets pretty lonely down here (I say to my husband)!

My wish did come true! You can cross the part about having a daughter though :) Erin contacted me asking to photograph her two beautiful children, Madison and Tyler. There goes the saying about wishing and them wishes coming true! Maybe one day I will have a baby girl after all… Until then, enjoy some of the images I took of Madi and handsome Tyler!

Madi and Tyler #1

Madi and Tyler #2

We went to beautiful Castle Rock to catch some amazing light and red rocks. Although there was a concert that day, we managed to sneak into the park to take some pictures.

Madi and Tyler #3

Initially Madi was in a bad mood. Yes adults, try to take a nap when you are awaken shortly after. How would you feel? :) Madi and I talked a lot that day. We talked about princesses, dresses, chocolate, lollipops, love, mommy, little brothers, etc. She is a very smart girl and smart children need the right approach. I think I did find the right approach to her that day. As you can see she agreed to strike a couple of poses for me!

Madi and Tyler #4

Madi and Tyler #5

How about the puppy? Very cute!

Madi and Tyler #6

Madi and Tyler #7

Madi and Tyler #8

Tyler was such a great sport. He started smiling and giggling right after he woke up from a nap. Adorable!

Madi and Tyler #9

Madi and Tyler #10

Madi and Tyler #11

Little monster boy! Grrrrr, he says. Them monsters are not always scary, you know. There are some cute ones like Tyler!

Madi and Tyler #12

Madi and Tyler #13

Madi and Tyler #14

Remember, I said we talked about Princesses? This was the reason! I knew somewhere down there Madi was keeping a little secret herself. She is a little princess :P

Madi and Tyler #15

Madi and Tyler #16

Madi and Tyler #17

Here comes the lollipop and a tiny castle. Trust me, it is work in progress.

Madi and Tyler #18

Madi and Tyler #19

This little puppy is too special for Madi. It was Erin’s (Madi’s mommy) snuggly puppy when she was growing up.

Madi and Tyler #20

Tyler with his grandma! Don’t they look alike?

I love you Erin, Madi, Tyler and Mimi. I hope you enjoy the images. Happy Birthday Madi! :)

  • Amit

    Let me guess the lenses and settings:
    D700 + 50mm f/1.4 AFS (you always use that)
    ISO 200 (for all photographs)
    Aperture priority with aperture around 1.4 – 2 except for the 2 photographs in which stairs are visible.
    I guessed Aperture priority (instead of full manual) since you and Nasim both use it a lot.

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Amit, looks like Lola forgot to reply to your message, so I will do that for her.

      You are right about the camera + lens, except she also used the 85mm f/1.4G for some of the shots.
      By the way, all of the camera data is available in EXIF – we leave it specifically for our readers to learn from.

  • Emon Montero

    Very nice, very beautiful and amazing shots..i wish i can shot that kind of photograph..i guessed i need more and more practice..

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Thank you Emon. Practice certainly helps, so good luck!

  • Bristol Wedding Photographer

    That b/w photo 7th from the top is really nice!

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Thank you!!!

  • Erin

    Thanks Lola, the pics are amazing! We love them!

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Thank you for your feedback Erin and I apologize for a late response.


  • Nina

    oh my..what beautiful children. and wonderful shots of them. great shoot!

    • Nasim Mansurov

      Thank you Nina!

  • Bekhzod

    Wow! Such a lovely children… are awesome as usual! Your website inspires me a lot…

  • Jimmy Phua

    Hi love your portrait. Mind tell me about your flash setting?

  • Heather

    Are the light spots in their eyes natural or is that added in processing? How do you see the EXIF info?

  • Agnieszka

    Hi Lola and Nasim,

    I wonder if you could give me a few suggestions before photographing a baby (+babies parents). The boy is 4 months old. What should one think of in terms of clothing(colors), gadgets etc. ? This is a friend of mine and her family and I do the shot to gather some more photos for my portfolio. What would be your best advice? Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,

  • Dovelyn Richmond

    Hi Lola

    Love these shots. Tell me, was this all available light? If so was there diffusion over the subject to get that soft lighting outdoors?