Lost SanDisk 16GB CF Card

I know that the chances of recovering a lost or stolen memory card are close to zero, but I still want to try it. As I have pointed out in my post earlier this week, I lost a 16GB Compact Flash card in Yosemite National Park. The bad news for me, is that I had the best pictures from the trip on that card. Since I did not backup the contents of the card on a daily basis (rookie mistake #1), I do not have a copy of the photographs. The card contained the full first week of the trip, along with some images from the second week. Why do I have the best images on that card? Because I periodically deleted some blurry/out of focus wildlife images from the first card on my D3s to empty some space (rookie mistake #2) and most next day sunrise images went on that card instead of the second one. In addition, the 16GB CF card I was using was brand new and I forgot to put my name and my contact information on the back of it (rookie mistake #3). When both CF cards on my camera got full, I inserted a new 16GB card into my camera and because I was busy shooting a waterfall in Yosemite, I temporarily put the CF card into my pocket instead of putting it away into my camera bag (rookie mistake #4). The card somehow fell out of my pocket the same day somewhere in Yosemite.

My only hope is that whoever finds the card reports it to the “Lost and Found” office, or if a photographer finds it, he/she will look through the EXIF information on Nikon RAW files, which contains my copyright information, along with my website address.

So why didn’t I back up my cards on a daily basis like I typically do? Because due to space constraints I did not take my laptop with me and took my 3G iPad instead. Now I am thinking about getting something like this for future travel needs.

Either way, losing the card was my fault and I do not know why I made so many rookie errors. I have once lost images due to a hard drive failure – now I backup my backups and my data resides on mirrored drives, plus I have offline storage. But I never lost a memory card before. Going forward, I will be backing up my images from memory cards as well, the same day I take pictures.


If you found my card and return it back to me with my images, I will send you a $500 check or gift certificate from any store you want, along with a large 20×30 framed print of one of the images from the card (there are many great images of Yellowstone and Glacier on it).