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Bill barton

I have this lens for the Sony and I use it on my A7s, yes it really does take some time to learn how to use it but it is a lot of fun. At first I was going to get the Laowa 15mm 2.0 but went with the zoom for the range. As a number of you have said you don’t “notice” the soft edges but I think we are just being wow’ed by the way the image looks being so wide. Who knows it sounds good.

Mick Klass

Would this lens work on a Z50? I imagine the issues with the corners would be less.

Mark B.

I had been wondering about getting this lens for my Z6 as it is light and compact to carry, the only possible issues being fitting ND filters and the lack of EXIF data. The example photos look excellent, so why are you so disparaging about the image quality? Cutting off a little vignetting if necessary, and with it any discoloration, is not a problem, after all.

Radu Dinu Cordeanu

Excluse me for the second post, it was a failure on my net.


“[…] the lens has a number of optical issues one should be aware of.”

Vintage Nasim, vintage PL. πŸ™„

Frank Millard

good Mt Evans shots; i hope to get there this weekend


All hail to Nasim Mansurov, who can make a shitty lens look really good with his photography skills!

On a serious note, really enjoyed your review and the images. OK, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t read the review and only looked at the images :D Judging from most of the images, the sharpness in the corners seems to be something I could live with. Fun!