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Fernando Trindade

Have you tried it or heard about this, used with Sigma 150-600 sport?
Thank you so much.
And happy new year

Nasim Mansurov

Sorry for a late reply! This won’t work with any other brand other than Sony, and the lens has to be an “FE” (mirrorless mount) lens that is specifically designed for teleconverters.

Rob K

will this work well on my Sony 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3?




Can these teleconverters be used on Sony FE 70-300mm SEL70300G F4.5-5.6 G OSS Lens, if not what will work with the lens on an e-maount A7III

Terry Stahly

The longer the focal length the better this converter works. i.e. I sold my 70-200 2.8 GM as the tc was basically unusable since I am picky. I did not sell it until I got the 135 1.8 GM though.
It works pretty good on the 100-400GM but requires some post processing.
It is much better on the 400 2.8 GM and it really comes into it’s own on the 200-600G and most notably the 600 F4 GM.

The results on the 600 GM are indistinguishable from the bare lens it opens up an entirely new world.

I am not sure if this is a physics thing and happend on most lenses being better as they get longer or specific to Sony but on the 200-600 G which a lot of people will own it is marvelous!

Leonardo Visentin

So you find the 2x better with the 600/4 GM than with the 400/2.8 GM?


I never knew the Sony 2TLC was compatible with the 200-600 G . Is it ? Please

Pete A

The Sony FE 200-600mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS is compatible with the Sony SEL20TC:…ifications

Vipin Sachdev

I have an Sony A6500 & a Sony SE 100-400, F 4.5-5.6 GM OSS. Will this Sony FE 2X teleconverter compatible with the camera A 6500.

Richard P Handler

Very nice review, thanks!

Regarding condensate when lenses are cooled, this is a function of relative humidity of air already within lens. No lens is airtight. They must equilibrate with ambient air pressure, else we would be unable to take them to altitude and to use in dive housings at depth. Even a “weather sealed” lens or camera will equilibrate with ambient humidity, and this will occur quickly when lens is dismounted from camera.

The trick is to avoid storage in humid air. Rots of ruck with this trick when we’re in tropics, or even in temperate regions during summer heat waves.

I stopped using desiccant packets in dive housings after one inadvertently caught in the seal causing me to flood the housing on next dive.

Igor Ohnjec

Um, what happens if I put a 55mm f1.8 or a 24-105mm f4 on this TC? I guess it would work optically, right? Is there something about electronic connections and communication issues why it wouldn’t work? I don’t understand why it is compatible with only 3 lenses and I wonder what would happen if I put it to any other FE lens.

Richard Handler

Sony teleconverters protrude to far forward into lens to be used with any lens lacking sufficient free space ahead of mount. These converters will only fit Sony lenses specifically designed with this in mind.

David C Stephens

Your findings are consistent with mine, using the FE 2.0x teleconverter, with my FE 100-400mm on my a9. I’ve also used the same combination on my a7RIII, with great success; however, the AF does slow much more significantly at f/11 on the a7RIII. AF acquisition, tracking and accuracy is fine for mammals, or macro shooting of still subjects, but it cannot keep up with most birds in flight. It’s tempting to use the a7RIII for it’s higher dynamic range and resolution, but there are significant limitations with the AF.

BTW, can’t wait to get my FE 400/f2.8!

Best regards, Dave

M Allred

Thanks Dave, I’m buying the 2X converter for my FE 100-400MM based on your review. I’m jealous about your FE 400 f/2.8 acquisition. Best.

Walter Pérez

It is clear that high number of pixels and copping vs. more focal length with standard number or pixels is not the goal of the current review, but the question by Robert, Eric and H.Rindermann is anyway a very substantial subject implicit in the use of a teleconverter.

H Rindermann

Many thanks for the great review and the nice photos!

I think the central question for using teleconverters is:
Are the photos using a teleconverter appreciably better
to the ones by using a Sony A7RIII and
a SEL90M28G or a SEL100400GM
and cropping?

The photos using a teleconverter have to be appreciably better
regarding the additional costs, weight and effort (time, possible dirt)
compared to simple cropping.

Best and thanks,
H Rindermann

H Rindermann

Not SEL90M28G but SEL70200GM