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Motty Henoch

Did you get to try it for night sky shooting?

Niko Ageenko

Great review. Thanx a lot.


how the lens behaves in a nikon z50

Fred Manthey

The Leica APO-Summicron-SL 35mm f/2 ASPH lens is supposed to be one of the best Leica lenses ever. Any plans to test it, and the SL2, so we could compare it against the Nikon Z 35/1.8, that you rate so highly ? Thanks !


I know there are adapters that will allow F-mount lenses to be used on Z cameras.
Are there adapters for the reverse – Z lenses on F-mount cameras, and what would be the pros and cons?


Nikon celebrates Z mount as very big diameter and very short flange distance. That flange distance of the F-mount is the largest of all camera mounts. You cannot combine a lens for a short flange distance with a camera with a large flange distance, so no, there is no adapter.

Dogan Bilge

Spencer and Nasim, would you recommend the S line primes over 24-70 F4 or F2.8 for landscape photography? They seem to offer slightly better IQ than the zooms, and I think when Nikon releases 20mm and 85mm this year, 20+35+50+85 would make a nice kit and the price wouldn’t be much more than 24-70 F2.8.


I agree the 24-70 f4 is a tremendous lens but you should take in consideration the weight of this prime, 130g less than the 24-70, and yes it’s important if you have a hiking in the mountain or a city walk for 1 to 4 hours. The f1.8 is also very useful for low light street photos when you travel. You can also be at only 25cm from your subject vs 30 with the 24-70. I will definitely get one next month

Nigel Blacker

Hi Nasim.

Great review of the new Nikon Z 35mm F1.8, I must admit to being somewhat troubled by conflicting reviews though, for instance,
DXO, rates the Sigma Art 35mm f1.4 on par optically and the Sony Zeiss Distagon 35mm f1.4, a lot better in many respects.
I can only conclude that sample variation is more common than most of us would care to admit, so you pay your money and takes your choice.


Look at Nasim’s comparisons: On f/1.8, both lenses (Sigam and Nikkor) are on par, but from f/2.8 the Nikkor shows no mercy. I’m sure it will also leave the Sony/Zeiss in glassdust, as the MTF curves are not too specztacular, at least not the one from lensrentals:…me-lenses/


The one things I’ve learned about DXO as of late (as in the last few years) is their lens reviews are a joke. Their methodology is broken.

Case in point the Nikon version of the 35 1.4 ART lens rates higher than Canon even though the Canon is sharper and has better overall characteristics ACCORDING TO THEIR METRICS. The only score that the Nikon version bests it is in vignetting and that is easy to handle in post. Point being they don’t appear to be consistent in how they weight their categories across lenses.

In one review sharpness seems to win; in another sharpness takes a back door to vignetting (something you can handle in post)? There are hundreds of reviews like this on DXO and the 35 1.8s (and other Z mount lenses) are perfect examples. I only bother with DXO for their sensor ratings these days as their methodology is relatively sound (as long as you don’t crop)…

Niko Ageenko

I own 35mm Art. I not impressed with it. Ans lens sharpness is about the same as Nikon 24-129 F4, I have measured it also with Reikan focal and can tell based on many other users measurements, this Art lens is not that great at all.

Ron Sundar

Very thorough review. Kudos to Nasim!


Thanks a bunch Nasim..was eagerly awaiting this review…even though I have already bought this stellar lens last month!!!

This lens is a stunner…

Some sample images below…


Nasim, it would have been nice to see a comparison with Tamron 35mm 1.8 VC.