Hejnar Photo 10% Discount Coupon

Chris Hejnar from Hejnar Photo Store is kindly giving a special 10% off discount coupon code for Photography Life readers. So if you want to buy his products at even a better price, please use the coupon code below. As I have pointed out in my Hejnar Photo Accessory Review, their Arca-Swiss compatible products are top notch in terms of quality, easily comparable to Really Right Stuff, Kirk and other top brands in the industry. Plus, Chris makes products right here in the US, so by purchasing from him we are supporting a growing small business (and at PL, we do care about US businesses competing with cheap foreign labor).

Manfrotto 405 Arca Swiss Hejnar Photo

NIKON Df + 58mm f/1.4 @ 58mm, ISO 100, 1/50, f/4.0

To take advantage of this 10% offer, please use the 012ccfcfb1 discount coupon upon checkout. This coupon is good for a year and if we continue supporting Chris, he will be able to extend the offer even more going forward. Please note that Photography Life does not earn any revenue from this offer. We are purely doing this to support a local business.

  • http://qvp.smugmug.com William Jones

    Nasim, the first link above (labeled “Hejnar Photo Store”) takes me to the review of their equipment (the “Hejnar Photo Accessory Review” listed just a couple of sentences later).


    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Oops, that’s totally my fault! Sorry about that, fixed :)

  • Ian

    I converted my Manfrotto 410 gear head and a ball head to Arca-Swiss with Hejnar kits. Even for a schlub like me it was easy, and well worth the effort. Nice Arca-Swiss clamps too. Happy to recommend Hejnar gear.

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Ian, thank you for your feedback! The 410 is a junior version of the 405 as far as I know. A very reliable head, congrats!

  • Kevin

    I tried to order a clamp and plate to convert my Manfrotto 054 Q2 to Arca style. I could not get any response when I was unsure about the right stuff to order, so I ordered a kit from Manfrotto instead.

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Kevin, here is the conversion set you are looking for and it took me a minute to find it via Google :) Have you tried contacting Chris about it? I can send this feedback to him and see what he says…

      • Kevin

        I did try to contact Chris by email and phone. He is nearby by me here in Chicago, so I wanted to buy from him (in addition to your endorsement). I ordered a kit from Manfrotto.

        I need a D800 L-bracket, so I will order one from Chris.

  • Patrick O’Connor

    I was looking at their L Bracket for my D600. In the picture, it looked like their was a large gap between the vertical bar and the camera’s body. Does anyone know if that’s for illustrative purposes or does it really stick that far out?

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Patrick, that is just shown for illustration purposes. The bracket does not stick out, as shown in this photo.

      • Patrick O’Connor

        Thanks. I really wanted one but didn’t like the idea of paying so much for a couple pieces of machined metal. With the PL discount, it’s even better.

      • Patrick O’Connor

        Just thought I’d follow up on this subject. Maybe this is an issue for all L-Brackets but in order to use the DC2 port for a wired shutter release, you have to maintain the gap shown in their picture. When I got mine, I emailed Krzysztof about it and he confirmed it was designed to work that way. Not a big deal (other than figuring out a way to keep the hex key handy) but that’s how it works. Of course, it can be snug against the body when using a wireless remote which is what I do most of the time.

  • Roland

    Thank you Nasim for posting this discount code, I have saved on my new Hejnar clamp. Please pass a message to Chris thanking him for offering the discount.
    I look forward to receiving his beautiful product.