Halloween Fun

A couple of days ago, we thought about taking pictures of people on Halloween. We first decided to go to Denver downtown, but then changed our mind and decided to check out the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder instead. I’m glad that we picked Boulder, because people were awesome, their costumes were very creative and funny and above all – we had a lot of fun!!!

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We started out by taking pictures of families with kids:

Halloween #1

Her mommy:

Halloween #2

Then, we met our first interesting character, who was dressed as Christ:

Halloween #3

Then a penguin:

Halloween #4

With a piggy:

Halloween #5

And their friend:

Halloween #6

Then, we met Steve, who was dressed as a cardinal. He turned out to be a photographer himself :)

Halloween #7

He had one of the best-looking costumes and I asked him to pose several times for me.

Halloween #8


Halloween #9

Pokahontas and Waldo:

Halloween #10

This next costume of a spider was definitely the best costume I have ever seen in my life. Apparently, the lady that was wearing it is actually the creator of the costume and she runs a costume-design company in Boulder. People couldn’t resist and were constantly asking her for a photo. I was able to convince her to come over to our spot and pose for us:

Halloween #11

Wow, what an expression!

Halloween #12

Next, an Indian girl visited us:

Halloween #13

With her bunny friend:

Halloween #14

A headless horseman posed for us a few times as well:

Halloween #15

Then, we were visited by a couple of clowns:

Halloween #16

Happy kids:

Halloween #17

These guys were definitely some of the best vampires we saw that day. They covered themselves in blood and did everything they can to look real.

Halloween #18


Halloween #19

And his “captain” mommy:

Halloween #20

More kids with fun ideas:

Halloween #21

And more vampires:

Halloween #22

Halloween #23

Halloween #24

This guy was my favorite! He got into his character better than anybody else and was refreshing his mouth with “blood” to get the perfect shot.

Halloween #25

He definitely nailed this one and it is definitely the picture of the day!

Halloween #26

Other interesting characters, including the “Broccoli” man, who had real broccoli attached to his head:

Halloween #27

These guys showed up a little later and posed for us as a group:

Halloween #28

Lots of fun characters, so I asked some of them to pose for us in smaller groups. We started out with sexy cops:

Halloween #29

Then a priest with a pregnant nun:

Halloween #30

Then zombies (they were everywhere):

Halloween #31

Then dark knights from LOTR:

Halloween #32

And finally a cop with his prisoner:

Halloween #33

Our photography show was then stolen by a big group of zombies, who performed Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” zombie dance. It was another tribute to Michael Jackson, similar to the ones you’ve probably seen on Youtube.

Halloween #34

They did a really good job and really energized the crowd around them:

Halloween #35

By the time I collected my gear, there were 5-6 rows of people in front of me, so all I could do was set my camera to Auto ISO, raise the camera as high up as I could and shoot – that’s why these pictures came out blurry.

Halloween #36

Happy Halloween!

  • http://www.stevezphotography.com Steve Z

    Great stuff!

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Thank you Steve! :)

  • http://turnermassage.com Penguin (kristin)

    Thank you so much for taking our pictures on Halloween! It was so generous of you to offer your skill and we will really treasure the photos. All our best to your beautiful family! Penguin / Kristin

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov


      I don’t think I sent your pictures via email yet. If you would like me to send all of your pictures in high resolution, please email me at the email address that is on the card and I will do it later today. I’m glad that you liked the pictures, thanks for stopping by! :)


  • Husnora

    Ohirgi 3ta rasm WOW.

  • Stephan

    I see many of the shots were taken in allys, can you offer what tips you had for lights, what angle did you shine the light on them? What did you use for lighting?

    Looks great, thanks,

    • https://photographylife.com Nasim Mansurov

      Stephan, I was using a simple umbrella in a shoot-through setup with Nikon SB-900 + a pair of PocketWizards (one on the SB-900 and one on the D700). The angle was around 45-60 degrees, about 2-3 feet away from the subject. Everything was shot on manual (exposure and flash power).

      Hope this helps.

  • Devora

    Hi! Thank you so much for all your information. I need to know the best way to use fill flash out doors,
    either in shade or sun. I have a D800 and a 910SB flash, that i want to use on my camera.
    I keep the flash on TTL, but I am confused how to get the best results. Do I put camera on manual and then read light. I use the gary fong diffuser, he recommends other settings.
    Do you have a formula you can share.
    Thank you so much.