• http://www.emeliaspalding.wordpress.com emelia

    Fantastic shot of the red-tailed hawk! Was it just landing or taking off? Hard to capture the real nobility of birds, but I think your eye and the telephoto lens did a fantastic job!

    • Simon

      Red tailed hawk is taking off, I believe, as evidenced by the foot verses wing position. His feet have just shoved off from a perch/ branch/etc. His wings are set at the angle to “grab air”.
      If he were landing, go to the airport and watch some of the medium size planes coming in at the farthest end of the runway. You will see the flaps on the wings go up towards the sky as it touches down. We learned about planes from the birds. They do the same thing as they land, called a stall or loss of forward motion before they drop down on the branch.