Gear Guide

This section is under construction! For now, please see “Our Gear” page.

DSLR Camera Purchase GuideDSLR Camera Purchase Guide – Are you thinking about upgrading your camera or buying a new one? Have questions about cameras and do not know what to get? Check out this camera purchase guide, where we provide camera recommendations based on your needs and budget.
DSLR Lens RecommendationsLenses and Filters – In this section, you will find a detailed list of DSLR lenses and filters we use (or have used in the past) and highly recommend for different photography needs. Choosing the right lens can be a difficult task, given how many lenses there are for different needs, so we try to make it easy for you by providing some information on each lens.
Camera Accessory RecommendationsCamera Accessories – In this section, you will find a list of must-have camera accessories that we use and highly recommend. From camera straps to battery grips, the right camera accessories can make a huge difference in your day-to-day photography.
Camera Support RecommendationsCamera Support – Whether you are a landscape, macro, wildlife or even a portrait photographer, a good support system is often necessary to create sharp photographs. See this section on our recommendations for monopods, tripods, tripod heads and other useful camera support tools.
Speedlight and Lighting Kit RecommendationsSpeedlights and Lighting Kits – Photographing in remote locations during weddings and other events often requires lightweight flash and lighting equipment. In this section, you will find our recommendations for speedlights, lighting stands, umbrellas and other useful lighting tools.
Studio Strobe RecommendationsStudio Strobes / Light – Serious light for serious needs. Find out which strobes / lights we recommend for big projects and studio environments. Want to overpower the sun or light up a huge wedding reception hall? Read more here.
Light Modifier RecommendationsLight Modifiers and Reflectors – From lightweight light modifiers and reflectors, to heavy-duty studio octabanks, softboxes and umbrellas, you will find it all in this section, with our top recommendations.
Camera Bag RecommendationsCamera Bags – There are so many different bags to choose from on the market that it can get quickly confusing on which bag would suit your needs best. In this section, we provide information on various camera bags we personally use (or have used in the past), along with our top recommendations.
Printer RecommendationsPrinters – Want to print your own high-quality photos at home instead of relying on professional printing labs? Then see this section for our recommendations on which printer to get.
Monitor RecommendationsComputer Monitor – Are you having a tough time picking the best computer for your photography needs? See this guide to get our top recommendations for IPS monitors for photography. You will be able to choose a monitor based on budget or size.
Post-processing Software RecommendationsPost-processing Software – If you are wondering what the best post-processing software today is, check out this section, where we provide recommendations on which post-processing software to run, how to manage your image database and file metadata and which plugins to use for Photoshop and Lightroom.
Storage RecommendationsStorage – Once you start doing a lot of photography jobs, you will eventually run into a storage problem. Do not make the mistake of buying a solution that will be too slow or too painful to manage and check out our recommendations on how to best manage your data.