Free Nikon App for the iPad/iPhone

If you just got a new Nikon flash or a new Nikon camera like the D4 or D800, maybe even a Nikon 1, there’s an app for you. If you are like me, you don’t want to carry a big manual with you everywhere you go but for those rare occasions you need to refer to it, it is nice to know that you can download the manual in pdf form from the Nikon website. To make it simple, Nikon has a free iPhone/iPad app (not available for Android to my knowledge) called Nikon Manual Viewer – it is free and much more convenient than carrying around a manual. Several of Nikon’s product manuals for DSLRs, NIkon 1 and speedlights are available for download and viewing from within the app itself (currently only in English or Japanese).

What is Does

The app is free and easy to use, you go to the Downloads button and select your product from the menu.

Nikon App Homepage

The app downloads the manual and places it in your bookshelf for future offline use.

When you open the manual, you can go to the table of contents or index and then touch on the page you wish to visit and the app will take you there. While reading there is a way to bookmark and annotate any page that you like for quick recovery in the future.

Nikon D4 Manual

Added Bonus

If you bought a flash such as a SB-700, you can download not only the manual but also a separate Techniques Guide, which can also be handy if you are less experienced in flash photography.

Technique Pic

One last tip: If you have an older piece of equipment that is not available on the app for download, you can check the Nikon website for the manual and download it in pdf format and then view it in iBook or other app such as GoodReader The website has more manuals available for download than the app so check it out.

Sorry Canon users, I didn’t see a similar app from Canon, if I have missed it, please feel free to correct me.

This is a nice little gift from Nikon, now if only they would include Capture NX 2 with every DSLR…

  • phil

    Android comes with a built in ebook teader and all you have to do is download the manuals in pdf format.Canon has a bunch of tech tips as well

    • Tom Redd

      Thanks Phil for the follow up.

  • Oded Shopen

    Thanks for the tip. Too bad they don’t list the SB600 in there.

    • Tom Redd

      Oded, if you haven’t done it, download the manual in pdf from Nikon’s website and then use a pdf reader such as iBook or GoodReader and although it isn’t quite as convenient to get the manual, it can still be done similarly. Here is a link:

  • Burt Gearhart

    Why not just read the manuals as PDF files on the IPAD?

    • Tom Redd

      Thanks Burt, yes, as mentioned in the article, you can do that.

  • Antonio

    I couldn’t download it from the Apps Store. The say it is not available anymore.

    • Tom Redd

      Antonio, thank you. That is odd, I just went and tried and it downloaded for me. I am not sure where you live, maybe it is not available if you live outside the US?? I assume you are trying to get it iTunes and not the Mac App store. It is not in the Mac App Store on the mac computer, it is in iTunes App store.

  • Pankaj

    No manual download option for D40 or any coolpix camera. Looking at the design and capabilities of this app, hard to believe that Nikon built it. They have a very nice app for iPhone already. Should have integrated the two and launched an iPad version. Well I am asking too much.

    • Tom Redd

      Yes Pankaj, you are correct about the D40, older cameras are not included, at least as of now. I did edit the post after you pointed out no COOLPIX – it is only Nikon 1 – thank you. The app does work on both iPad and iPhone, if I am understanding you correctly.

  • Pauli

    No Windows Phone version. :-(

  • OSeven

    Unfortunately not available outside the US.

    • Tom Redd

      That is too bad, but you can still download the manuals in pdf format and view them from a pdf reader.

  • Mark Hughes

    Hey great tip many thanks, just to update, now available over the pond here in UK :)

    • Tom Redd

      Thanks for the update Mark.