Death Valley – Part 2

As promised, this is Part 2 of the trip. The first part of the Death Valley trip is covered right here.

As I later found out, apparently, having water in Badwater Basin is a rare occasion. Although there were only a few spots with water in them, I still got off the car and took some pictures:

Badwater Textures #1

NIKON D700 @ 38mm, ISO 200, 1/100, f/14.0

I just love those textures! By the way, if you are into texture photography, I recommend reading my recent article on how to photograph textures.

Badwater Textures #2

NIKON D700 @ 70mm, ISO 200, 1/60, f/14.0

It is hard to imagine that all those white crystals are salt.

Badwater Textures #3

NIKON D700 @ 62mm, ISO 200, 1/80, f/14.0

After Badwater, I decided to check out the Devil’s Golf Course:

Devil's Golf Course

NIKON D700 @ 24mm, ISO 200, 1/160, f/11.0

Apparently, they named it after a line in a 1934 National Park Service guide book to Death Valley, which stated that “only the devil could play golf” on its surface. Standing on that surface is almost impossible and there are warning signs all over the place that politely ask visitors not to walk around, as it could be dangerous.

After that, I decided to check out the Sand Dunes and have a late lunch. On my way there, I drove through the Artists Drive and stopped by the Artists Palette:

Artists Drive

NIKON D700 @ 35mm, ISO 200, 1/80, f/11.0

Colors on colors – no wonder they call it “Artists Palette”.

Artists Palette

NIKON D700 @ 70mm, ISO 200, 1/60, f/11.0

After lunch, as I was getting into the car, I noticed this Coyote on the other side of the road:

Coyote looking at a crow

NIKON D700 @ 420mm, ISO 360, 1/1600, f/5.6

He walked around, looking for food:

Coyote hunting

NIKON D700 @ 420mm, ISO 560, 1/1600, f/6.3

I was running out of time quickly, so I rushed my butt to Sand Dunes. Although there weren’t that many people at Sand Dunes that day, there were tracks of people all over the place and I had to hike at least for 2 miles to get to a point where the sand was clear. I captured these two images of the Sand Dunes Trees right before the long hike:

Sand Dune Trees #1

NIKON D700 @ 55mm, ISO 200, 1/80, f/11.0

Sand Dune Trees #2

NIKON D700 @ 24mm, ISO 200, 1/80, f/11.0

The long hike through the sand was painful, but rewarding:

Sand Dunes #1

NIKON D700 @ 36mm, ISO 200, 1/160, f/11.0

Sand Dunes #2

NIKON D700 @ 50mm, ISO 200, 1/200, f/11.0

As sunset was approaching, the dunes were changing their colors:

Sand Dunes #3

NIKON D700 @ 26mm, ISO 200, 1/160, f/13.0

Sand Dunes #4

NIKON D700 @ 42mm, ISO 200, 1/160, f/13.0

Sand Dunes #5

NIKON D700 @ 38mm, ISO 200, 1/100, f/13.0

Sand Dunes #6

NIKON D700 @ 24mm, ISO 200, 1/100, f/13.0

In short, there is no way to see even a third of the park in one full day!


  1. December 6, 2009 at 2:05 am

    Wonderful story and splendid pictures! My friend family was planning to go to Death Valley and was explaining me what it looks like. Thank you.

    • December 6, 2009 at 1:41 pm


      Thanks for stopping by our blog and providing feedback! Are you planning to go to Death Valley too? It’s definitely a very mystical, different, yet beautiful place!

  2. December 6, 2009 at 7:26 pm

    After your post I really want to go to Death Valley. Unfortunately, this time I can not go with them, but InshaAllah will go there.

    • December 6, 2009 at 8:06 pm

      Dilorom, I see :) Well, whenever you go, make sure to take lots of pictures!

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