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Documenting Cuba by Luis Alarcón

Luis Alarcón is a Spanish born documentary photographer and writer who has dedicated his professional life to telling the unique and ever-changing story of Cuba and its people. Luis first arrived on the island more than 20 years ago, and over that time has changed his career from engineering professor...

What to Photograph in Uzbekistan

Earlier this year, I had a chance to travel and photograph my home country of Uzbekistan for three weeks, as part of a photography job for the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Tourism Development (basically, the Ministry of Tourism). It was a surreal experience for me personally,...

Takeaways from an Amazing Landscape Photography Shoot

Before Nasim and I traveled to the Faroe Islands two months ago, the weather forecast predicted nonstop rain and nearly 100% cloud cover for the entire ten-day trip. Upon arrival, things didn’t look any better. Rain today. Rain tomorrow. Hey – only a 70% chance of rain on Sunday.

Photographer Profile: Sina Falker

While there are many attributes necessary to becoming a successful photographer, perhaps the most important of them all is an abiding passion for one’s craft. There is no shortage of talented photographers in the world. There is a shortage of the impassioned perseverance it takes to find success though, and those who...

Swarup Chatterjee: From Painter to Photographer

Why does a successful painter and graphic artist suddenly decide to toss his paints and brushes and take up photography? Well in the case of Swarup Chatterjee of Mumbai, it was two things – the challenge of expressing his imagination through a light capturing contraption, and pure laziness! (more…)