Mount Evans and Garden of the Gods Tour – Only 2 spots left

Bristlecone Pine ©Russ Burden  NIKON D300S + 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 70mm, ISO 200, 1/4, f/14.0

We previously invited our readers to visit Colorado and join Russ Burden and me August 22-28, 2015 on Russ’ Goats and Gods Tour of Garden of the Gods and Mount Evans.   As we indicated in that post, one day will be spent at Garden of the Gods photographing the beautiful red rock formations typical of the American Southwest.

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Waterfalls of New England – Part Two


A couple of weeks ago, I shared the first part of my exploration of the waterfalls of New England here on Photography Life and promised that there will be a part two. This write up fulfills the promise and continues the story further. My focus this time were the forests of Western Massachusetts, especially those around Route 2 West from Boston. This freeway is also known as the Mohawk Scenic Byway and is a very beautiful drive once you get little beyond the Greater Boston area.

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Spots Available for our Upcoming Colorado Fall Workshops

Workshop Participants #2

We had a few people cancel their workshop reservations for this fall’s Colorado Fall Workshops for different reasons, so I wanted to let our readers know that there are now a total of 5 spots available for our upcoming Colorado Fall Workshops at the end of September. With three months left until the workshop, there is still plenty of time to register and get your airfare and stay booked at great rates.

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Join Me and Russ Burden at the Top of Mount Evans!

Mountain Goat Silhouette by Russ Burden

Colorado boasts beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife photographic opportunities so I want to share some information on an upcoming tour that I will be assisting with that some of you might be interested in. A good friend of mine and accomplished photographer Russ Burden, will be leading one of his Goats and Gods Tours, August 22-28, 2015, to photograph the wildlife found on Mount Evans as well as a trip to Garden of the Gods for impressive red rock formations similar to those found in the American Southwest.

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What to Photograph in Jordan – Part 1

Jerash #2

Recently, I had a chance to visit the beautiful country of Jordan, where I had a chance to stay for a whole month with my family. Although this was a family trip, I did not want to miss the opportunity to do some photography, so I grabbed a bag full of gear with me, along with my trusty travel tripod. I decided to share our adventures and trip logs from Jordan in a series of image-heavy posts and this is the first of the series. Hopefully, it will give a good idea where to visit and what to photograph in Jordan to our readers.

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Back from Jordan

Ajloun Field Sunset

I am finally back home and I have been slowly coming back to my senses, after a terrible food poisoning accident and a crazy jet-lag. After a month of amazing travel time in Jordan, our whole family managed to get badly poisoned after eating between our flight from Chicago to Denver airport. All that travel and outside eating in Jordan and not a single incident and we come home and get hammered, go figure! Since then, it has been a mix of diarrhea, throwing up and sleeping for 20 hours straight due to body intoxication. The last time I got poisoned this bad was 13 years ago. Oh well, airport food has never been great, so we should have kept it safe by eating snacks instead. Another lesson learned!

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Waterfalls of New England – Part One

Kent Falls

It is the month of May and spring has finally taken over from winter in New England. With the woods turning green again, color has returned to the landscape. Most of the creeks and brooks that crisscross the region and give rise to hundreds of waterfalls are flowing reasonably well. Together this combination of silver and fluorescent (almost) green highlights the effervescence of spring and I, together with a friend, decided to explore this juxtaposition one weekend at a

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Reporting from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Waterfall

Although I have only been here for two days and I am now on my way back to Jordan to join my family, I had no idea that Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country! We drove 800 kilometers, saw the craziest roads and drivers (those mean bus drivers!), met some wonderful people and ate the tastiest exotic fruits. What an experience – I already cannot wait to come back! Here is a photo of a waterfall that I captured along the way when driving towards Nuwara Eliya:

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Wadi Rum, Jordan Tour Invitation


I must say that I am beyond impressed with my visit to Jordan this time (I have been in Amman, Jordan once last year, but only for a few days). This place is so historic, so beautiful and so unique! And although I was initially a little concerned about the safety here (after all, Jordan borders with both Syria and Iraq), everywhere I go appears to be really safe and people are quite content overall. I have explored a number of places near Amman and I am planning to visit Petra next week for a day, but after some feedback from our readers, I also really want to visit the beautiful Wadi Rum.

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