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DxO PhotoLab 7 Review

In recent years, photographers have been spoiled by a variety of Raw developers in addition to Adobe Lightroom, such as Capture One Pro and ON1 PhotoRaw. Another option is DxO PhotoLab 7, which I’ll be reviewing today. How does it stand up to its competitors?

My Five Favorite Post-Processing Secrets

Post-processing is one of the trickiest aspects of photography. You can get all your settings right in camera and have a great composition, but still end up with something strange with unflattering edits. In this article, I’ll share my favorite post-processing tips that will improve your results each time!

Best Panorama Stitching Software for Photography

Creating panoramic photos can be a great way to increase detail, capture a wider angle, or employ a unique composition as a photographer. However, much of the work behind good panoramas happens in post-processing when you stitch the images together. What software is the best for creating panorama photos? This...

DxO PhotoLab 6 vs DxO PureRaw 3

DxO PhotoLab 6 and DxO PureRaw 3 are two popular photography software options, especially for noise reduction. DxO is pretty famous for its machine-learning noise reduction algorithms, but I see a lot of confusion over which one of these two you should get – if either. Read on to find out!

Understanding Photoshop’s Generative Fill for Photography

Over the last few months, there’s been an explosion of AI-powered tools for photographers. While there were already a few AI features in Photoshop, the most recent release introduced Generative Fill, which is on another level. Today, I’ll be taking a look at Generative Fill – from its potential to its limitations.

Five Free, Open-Source Photo Editors To Try in 2024

When it comes to image editing, most people probably think of commercial applications like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, or Phase One's Capture One Pro. And indeed, these are by far the most popular. On the other hand, there are some serious open-source photo editing programs that can replace commercial programs for...

Lightroom is Acting Slow? Here Are 11 Ways to Speed It Up

Lightroom is a key program for many photographers, and it has been for many years. Since almost the beginning, however, it’s been haunted by performance issues. If you’re looking to speed up Lightroom, or just want to know how to improve Lightroom performance in general, I’ll dive into a number...

The Best Noise Reduction Tools for Photography (2024)

Aside from blown-out highlights, noise is probably the most frightening thing for many photographers. Not a day goes by that I don't see some post in a forum about removing noise, or some news about AI-powered noise reduction software. In this article, I'll introduce the major noise removal tools today...