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When and How to Upsample an Image

Upsampling is a tool in most post-processing software that allows you to increase an image’s resolution after taking it. Upsampling lets you boost, say, a 24 megapixel image to 48 megapixels, 96 megapixels, or 240 megapixels! But doing so doesn’t mean you’re actually capturing more detail.

Photoshop 2021’s Sky Replacement Explained

There are many reasons why Photoshop has so far managed to hold its ground as the undisputed king of the image processing world. One of the primary reasons is that it keeps evolving every year, as it has for thirty-one years. It stays up to date in two main ways. First,...

How to Set Up and Empty Scratch Disks In Adobe Photoshop

If you are an Adobe Photoshop user and you regularly work on large files, you are running Photoshop on an older or slower computer, or you just want to make sure that you are running Photoshop with maximum performance, then understanding scratch disks is important. Maybe you've even received a...