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How to Correct White Balance in Photoshop

White balance is one of the most basic and yet trickiest aspects of photography. Although the white balance you’ve set in-camera may look good most of the time, in other cases, you’ll need to correct it in post-processing. Today, I will show you several ways to correct your white balance in Photoshop.

How to Use the HSL/Color Panel in Adobe Lightroom

Today we're going to look at how and when to use the HSL and Color tools in Adobe Lightroom. The HSL/Color controls are some of the most powerful color editing tools that Lightroom offers. These tools are relatively straightforward once you know how they work, but they're easy to overlook....

DxO PureRaw Tested: A Noise Whisperer?

There are already a few articles on noise and noise reduction on Photography Life. Now, I'm coming back to the topic again to see how good the artificial intelligence-based DxO PureRaw is at removing noise. Will it prove to be a true noise whisperer, and how does it compare to...

When and How to Upsample an Image

Upsampling is a tool in most post-processing software that allows you to increase an image’s resolution after taking it. Upsampling lets you boost, say, a 24 megapixel image to 48 megapixels, 96 megapixels, or 240 megapixels! But doing so doesn’t mean you’re actually capturing more detail.

Photoshop 2021’s Sky Replacement Explained

There are many reasons why Photoshop has so far managed to hold its ground as the undisputed king of the image processing world. One of the primary reasons is that it keeps evolving every year, as it has for thirty-one years. It stays up to date in two main ways. First,...