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How to Take Better Photographs Indoors

Many new photographers find that while shutter speed, aperture, and ISO make sense in theory, it is hard to know where to start in practice. Even if you understand basic camera settings, getting high quality photographs – especially indoors – is not always an easy task.

My Favorite Sunset Photography Tips and Tricks

Sunset photography is wildly popular, and for good reason. The unique quality of light at the end of the day can give landscape photos an emotional impact that’s difficult to capture any other way. Below, I’ll dive into my favorite tips for sunset photography for both beginners and advanced photographers.

How to Do Landscape Photography at Night

What makes night sky photography so appealing? Is it the hues? Is it the sheer number of stars? Part of it is surely because a long exposure of the night sky is something the naked eye does not see. The possibility of photographing something like that is, in itself, a...

How to Focus Stack Panoramic Images

Over the years, focus stacking has gained wide popularity among digital photographers and is a handy technique you can use to get crisp images. However, how can a photographer use focus stacking when shooting panoramas? Digital panoramic photography often requires three, five, or more images to be stitched together in...

500 Rule vs NPF Rule: Shutter Speed for Astrophotography

When you’re photographing the night sky, it can be a serious challenge to pick the right camera settings. Shutter speed in particular is a difficult one, forcing you to fight between capturing enough light or capturing sharp stars. Two popular rules aim to help – the 500 rule and NPF rule.

How to Photograph a Rocket Launch at Night

With companies like SpaceX launching more and more rockets into space, it’s easier than ever to get some interesting rocket launch photos. I saw and photographed my first launches earlier this year, and this article has my takeaways.

Recommended Nikon Z6 II Settings

The second-generation Nikon Z6 II is a general-purpose camera aimed for portraiture, event, action, and everyday photography needs. While the Z6 II shares the body and ergonomics of its predecessor, there are numerous internal changes that have been implemented to make it a very compelling choice among mirrorless cameras today....

What Is Scouting in Landscape Photography?

Scouting is one of the best tools available to landscape photographers, especially when conditions are changing quickly. In this article, I’ll go over the three different levels of scouting and how you can use them to take better landscape photos.

Recommended Nikon Z7 II Settings

The Nikon Z7 II is a second-generation mirrorless camera from Nikon aimed specifically at landscape, architecture and studio photographers who want as much resolution as possible. Although the Z7 II is almost identical to its predecessor in terms of its overall body and ergonomics, Nikon has made some significant internal...