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Milky Way Photography with Micro Four Thirds

Is Milky Way photography possible with a Micro Four Thirds camera? I can confidently say yes - it is absolutely doable with a Micro Four Thirds camera. Is it ideal, or is it better than other formats? No, I definitely wouldn't say so. However, it is absolutely worth shooting the...

5 More Common Mistakes in Bird Photography

Last week, I listed five common mistakes that can thwart your efforts to capture the perfect bird photograph. Today, I will add to my miniseries with another quintet of common mistakes in bird photography. When you’re photographing birds – and other wildlife subjects – keep these things in mind!

A Packing List for Travel Photographers

Whether you’re packing for a short photography road trip or a multi-week sojourn, it can be tricky to make sure you have all the necessary camera equipment, without overloading your bags! In this guide, I’ve laid out a list of the equipment that photographers should pack on every trip.

5 Common Mistakes in Bird Photography

Why do some photos leave our jaws on the floor, while others are not even worth looking at? In bird photography, this is doubly true. I estimate that well over 90% of the bird photos that appear on my memory card are bad. It's like gold mining. For every ton...

When to use Manual Mode for Wildlife Photography

Shooting in manual mode is considered by many novice photographers to be a difficult task reserved for professionals. In this article, I’ll try to show you that the opposite is often true – shooting in manual mode doesn’t need to be hard, and it can take your wildlife photos to another level.

Mastering Flash Photography for Macro and Close-Up Photos

It's challenging to photograph subjects that are extremely close to the camera lens, particularly when it comes to flash photography and lighting. For some lenses, the effective working distance is practically zero when trying to shoot at maximum magnification. It becomes difficult to achieve soft, even lighting while avoiding unwanted...