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High-Key Photography Explained

Overexposure is usually considered a bad result in photography - something to be avoided at all costs. The same is true of blown-out backgrounds and overcast skies. But sometimes, this "high-key" look can be exactly what a photo needs. In this article, I will explain how to use the tool...

10 Underwater Photography Tips For Beginners

Underwater photography is a whole new world, where infinite photographic opportunities present themselves. It is also where even experienced photographers struggle at the beginning. Every aspect of photography becomes more complicated underwater. In this article, I will share some of my favorite tips to help you understand the basics of...

How to Photograph Cityscapes: A Beginner’s Guide

Whether it’s an iconic skyline or some cool local architecture, photographing a cityscape can be a great way to create interesting compositions without having to trek into the wilderness. Getting successful cityscape shots requires a bit of preparation, gear knowledge, and location scouting. In this beginner's guide to photographing a...

How to Photograph Birds in Flight with Sharp Results

Recently, you learned on Photography Life what the best camera settings are when photographing birds. Today’s article takes a more detailed look at bird behavior, biology, and environment. The goal is to teach you how anticipate what birds will do, and ultimately reach the holy grail: to take very sharp, high-quality photos of birds in flight.

New Video: Best Settings for Landscape Photography

I just published a new video on our YouTube channel! And wow, I’ve wanted to say that for a while. Last year, I took a break from making videos to help run Photography Life, and now I finally had time again. Today’s video covers the best camera settings for landscape photography.

How to Get a Blurred Background in Your Photos

Blurring the background is one of the many ways to isolate or emphasize your subject. Do you need a special lens to do so? Absolutely not! In this article, we look at some of the ways you can get those creamy, beautiful backgrounds using almost any camera and lens.

Real Estate Photography Tips for Beginners

Real estate photography can be much more than just snapping some photos of interiors. Successfully capturing a property’s unique elements can challenge your skills as a photographer and as an editor. It’s this aspect of real estate photography that has made it my favorite subject as a professional photographer.

Night Photography Tutorial: A Beginner’s Guide

Night photography, particularly as a beginner, can present both the opportunity to create compelling images, as well as some of the most difficult technical challenges you might face. Fortunately, these challenges are all learning opportunities to better your skills behind the camera. In this night photography tutorial, we'll look at...

Best Camera Settings for Bird Photography

Imagine that you're on a beautiful beach and you see an unusual bird fly towards you. The sun is low in the sky and golden light washes over delicately patterned wings. You raise your camera, unsure of what settings to use. When you get back home, you realize the shots...

How to Film a Time-Lapse Video

In this article, I’ll share the basics on how to film a timelapse video, no matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer. Time lapses are a very popular type of cinematography in which the frequency of the captured frames is much slower than the final video play speed.