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Long Exposure Noise Reduction Explained

Over time, every digital camera will develop “hot” or “stuck” pixels that do not work properly. They aren’t usually visible, but when you’re taking long exposures, they become more and more obvious. The easiest way to fix hot pixels is with a camera setting called long exposure noise reduction.

How to Maximize Image Quality in Photography

In the past, I’ve written about camera settings in terms of optimization – pushing your gear to the limits in order to maximize image quality. Today, I’ll revisit those advanced techniques and explain how to combine them to capture the highest quality images you possibly can.

Understanding Aperture Priority Mode in Photography

Aperture priority mode is critically useful, but a lot of photographers, advanced or not, don’t fully understand its potential. I personally use it almost all the time, for everything from wildlife to landscape photography. It usually provides optimal results more quickly than Manual can.

Blue Hour Photography Guide

The “blue hour” is one of the most interesting and emotive times of day to capture photos. I’ve taken many of my favorite pictures at blue hour – even more than at sunrise or sunset. But what is blue hour, and how can you make the most of it?

How to Take Better Reflection Photos

In this article, we will go through everything you need to know to capture beautiful reflections. We will go over equipment considerations, camera settings, on-location tips and considerations, as well as post-processing tips to make your reflection shots stand out.

Take Better Night Sky Photos with Image Stacking

The night sky is one of the most alluring subjects for landscape photographers. It’s also one of the most frustrating. If you’ve ever tried to do star photography, you’ve probably run into all sorts of issues: blurred stars, high ISO noise, and shallow depth of field.

8 Zoo Photography Tips

Today we’re going to look at eight useful tips for photographing animals at the zoo. The first question we need to answer when it comes to zoo photography is probably “why would I want to photograph at the zoo?” Zoo photography tends to be fairly controversial among photographers.

21 Tips for Bird Photography

In this article, 21 Tips for Bird Photography, I have penned down what matters most to me for photographing birds in the field. Nasim & Elizabeth already have great articles on the most common tips. So, the thoughts below are simply a way to gather the most useful tips I've...

9 Rapid-Fire Landscape Photography Tips

There are so many little tips and tricks I like to use in landscape photography to make my life easier, and I've included nine of the most important in the article and video below. I'm focusing especially on composition, but there are some post-processing and camera-related tips as well. My...

Manual Focus or Autofocus for Landscape Photography?

Landscape photography is often slower paced than other genres, allowing for a more methodical approach to composition and camera settings. That includes focusing; manual focus is more popular for landscapes than most other genres. Indeed, there's a whole market of third-party manual focus lenses geared almost exclusively to landscape photographers....