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Photography News: Nikon Sales, Sony a7r V Rumors

Before you check out this week’s Photography News, I have a little quiz for you. No, don’t worry, I won’t test your intelligence, nor will you learn anything uncomfortable about yourself. Think of it more as a teaser for an upcoming article. What 400mm lens did I use for the photo below – the Nikon Z…

Photography News: Nikon 35mm f/1.2 Rumor, SanDisk Sale

It’s fall color season right now in Colorado! Just going outside is enough to make me feel refreshed and relaxed. It’s a slower time of year for photography news, but a few interesting things still happened this week. When I’ve had time away from the aspens, here’s what I’ve found for you.

Photography News: New Mirrorless Lenses, Big Canon Sale

There are some subjects that I could keep photographing forever and never feel bored. My favorite might be the abstract patterns of sand dunes – small in size compared to a grand landscape, but no less striking. To me, finding hidden compositions in the desert is like searching for buried treasure.