The Sensor Gel Stick is in stock!

Sensor Gel Stick

We have just received a full box of the Sensor Gel Stick and this time we have a lot more than last time (250 to be exact, but I have some units reserved), so hopefully they will last for a little more than last time. The last stock of 70 units was gone in less than two hours and I got some emails from pretty unhappy readers that could not order just because the notification was posted very early in the morning. This time I am posting the notification in the evening to be fair to our readers from the west coast.

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Nikon D610 / Canon 6D / Sony A7 Giveaway

Photography Life Fstoppers Giveaway

We are very excited to announce yet another great Facebook giveaway and this time we are partnering up with our friends at Fstoppers to do it. The winner will have a chance to choose between three different cameras: Nikon D610, Canon 6D or the new Sony A7 full-frame mirrorless camera! We are approaching the end of the year, so we decided to give this one away on the Christmas Day, similar to what we are doing with our Fuji X-E1 giveaway. So you have exactly one month to participate in this awesome contest! The contest is open for everyone, not just US residents.

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Upcoming Black Friday Deals

2013 Holiday Shopping

If you are deciding on whether to purchase a camera or lens, I would hold off until next week. As you know, Black Friday is a big day in the US, so we are expecting all major brands including Nikon and Canon to have some killer rebates and instant savings on all kinds of camera gear. As before, our “Current Deals” page will be updated frequently during the holidays. If anything special comes out with a fast time limit, we will post it on the main page.

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Documentary Photography in Conflict Zones

Documenting Palestine in Photographs - © Gary Fields (8)

“Landscape” and “documentary” are two of the most celebrated genres in the photographic arts. These traditions are also the inspiration for the photographic images in my primary area of work as a historical geographer focusing on what is arguably the world’s most intractable geo-political dispute – the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. “Photographs furnish evidence,” the cultural critic, Susan Sontag conceded in an otherwise critical examination of the documentary genre in her work, On Photography (1973). The photographs in this collection for Photography Life build on Sontag’s observation in an effort to reveal how aspects of this protracted conflict have become embedded in the Palestinian landscape.

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Fuji X-E1 Giveaway

Photography Life Fuji X-E1 Giveaway

We were so impressed by the Fuji X-E1 (see our detailed review) that we decided it is time to give one away. Once again, we are happy to announce yet another giveaway for our loyal readers. As before, this is a Facebook giveaway designed to increase our presence in social media. And as before, this giveaway is open to anyone, not just US residents.

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The Winner of the Nikon D800 / Canon 5D Mark III Giveaway

Photography Life Nikon D800 vs Canon 5D Mark III Giveaway

It has been long, but the winner is here! We had a total of 6114 eligible participants in this giveaway. Since this was a Facebook giveaway, most of the participants were from Facebook. However, thanks to the feedback that we received from our readers, we also manually included those that complained about not having Facebook accounts from our giveaway page. After eliminating some of the duplicate entries (174 people were disqualified as a result), I pulled up all the names on an Excel spreadsheet, then typed 1-6114 at, which gave me the lucky number – 839:

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What do you think about our new Banners?


We have been working with a talented designer from Uzbekistan (which is where Lola and I are originally from) to revamp the look of our site. After our transition from “Mansurovs” to “Photography Life”, we have been thinking about ways to make the site more user-friendly. Our first step was to redesign our logo. The second step was to get rid of that old huge banner with my personal pictures and a square version of the logo. So Lola came up with a few ideas for the new banner concept and she has been working with the designer during the last couple of weeks. After I saw the initial results, I loved them and immediately got rid of the old banners (those really had to go). As of now, the 5 new banners rotate randomly on the top of the page and the designer will be making more interesting ones each month.

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Announce to Announce

Announce to Announce

We at Photography Life are always interested in new things. We constantly come up with new ideas and plans for our community. We try to learn something new ourselves all the time, and then pass on to our readers whatever knowledge we acquire. We do our best to remind you that photography is all about composition, light, story and result rather than gear. But it is the gear getting out of your way that helps you concentrate on things that matter in photography. And so, cameras, lenses and software tools also manage to intrigue us every now and then. In other words, we are not against new, improved equipment as long as the said improvements are real and help whatever camera you use get out of your way better. Fujifilm X-E1 didn’t seem to interest Nasim all that much back when it was announced, but Fuji made so many improvements via firmware updates, he now seems to be in love with it. Innovation is also good. Sony RX1, for example, left me with extremely mixed feelings. On one hand, it is very expensive, and even more so if you purchase any accessories. Lack of a built-in EVF was also an enormous disappointment for many. On the other hand, it is an impeccably machined and tiny camera with an enormous sensor. It is discreet, has a very capable lens and one of the very best full-frame sensors on the market. As skeptic as I was about it, I would love to give it the full beans and run it through several weddings very much.

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The Full Moon

The Full Moon Wallpaper

What do you do when you have an 800mm super telephoto lens with a 2x teleconverter? Well, if you were me, you would be spending a couple of weeks in a lab environment, testing the lens inside out and comparing it to the 300mm, 500mm, 600mm and the new Sigma 120-300mm. Otherwise, you would be out shooting fun stuff, like the full moon! A couple of nights ago, I got really tired from all the testing, so I got out to get some fresh air. When I looked at the sky, I noticed that the moon was in its full glory. The skies were partly cloudy, so I waited it out for a few minutes, then got out with the Nikon 800mm f/5.6 VR with the 2x attached to it and took a few shots of the moon. Although the whole setup was incredibly shaky (and that’s mounted on a full Gimbal head and the sturdiest of Gitzo tripods), I managed to get some shots that were sharp. Then I went back in and uploaded the photos to my computer. When I opened up the image and zoomed in to 100%, I was pretty shocked to see so much detail. By far, this is the sharpest and the most detailed photo of the moon I have taken! So I decided to share it with our readers in a wallpaper format for high resolution monitors (1920×1200). So here is the photo:

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Nature Photography Prints

Photography Life Printing

A couple of quick updates, with an announcement before the weekend. First, we are finally offering printing services through Smugmug for nature photography. For now, I have only uploaded some of my images, but we have plans to soon start selling images by other Photography Life contributors as well. This is something that our readers have asked many times about in the past, but I never had a chance to set it all up due to time constraints. So we are excited to announce this service and we will be enhancing it even more going forward, with more images and printing options. To access the online store for printing, please use this link, or click on the image below.

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