Content Sharing Contest Winner and Prizes

Big thanks to everyone who took part in our Content Sharing Contest poll to pick the winner of the Sony A6000. It was a close race, with both Aaron Priest and Spencer Cox dominating the poll for a while. But looks like Aaron still came out first, with 80 votes on his side, only 4 votes higher than Spencer. Congratulations to Aaron for winning the Sony A6000 and big thanks to everyone who participated – your articles generated a lot of great interest and discussions among our readers. As promised, we will be emailing each participant with request to pick their smaller prizes as well.

If you have enjoyed our contest and would like to see more future activities like that, please let us know – your feedback is always appreciated.

Content Sharing Contest: Poll

What an amazing month it has been – ever since we announced the Content Sharing Contest, we have received many submissions from our dear readers. In fact, we have been a bit overwhelmed by the response, which is why it took us some time to go through the submissions, pick out the ones we felt like were suitable for the site and get the articles published. On this note, I would like to thank everyone for participation. If your article did not get published, please do not feel disappointed, as it does not mean that your work is bad or not worthy of getting published. It just means that there was stronger content that we felt was more engaging and educational for our readers. I would also like to apologize for not being able to respond to every submission, as I have been swamped with travel and other work in March. We published a total of 20 articles and you can see all of them by clicking this link. Now that the contest is over, it is time to decide who gets the grand prize, the Sony A6000. I went through each post and discussed the submissions with some of our team members at PL and picked our favorite articles. Below is the list of our favorite five authors. Now we need your help in determining who provided the best content and deserves the grand prize. I know it will be no easy task to pick the winner, but your feedback is important, since the content was provided for you, our dear readers.

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Photography Life Content Sharing Contest

As you know, Photography Life is all about sharing knowledge with our readers. Every day we work hard on bringing you the best content, whether it is in the forms of photography articles, tips, in-depth reviews or news. Because many of our readers are as passionate as we are in sharing their knowledge, they often share articles with us in the form of Guest Posts, the best of which we often feature on the site. While I was working on publishing yet another excellent guest post the other day, I came up with an idea to inspire more of our readers to write here at PL. We would like to invite our dear readers in participating in a knowledge sharing contest, in which we will reward every writer when their article is posted on the site. If your article is published, we will reward you with a $50 gift card from B&H, Adorama, Amazon or any other store of your choice as a token of appreciation, or if you prefer to be paid instead, we will transfer the sum to your PayPal account. This way, you are rewarded for your contribution even if you do not win the ultimate prize (see below for details). We will not limit your contributions, so you could submit as many articles as you would like and get paid for the work. Sounds exciting? Then read on!

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Incredible Time-lapse of the Sun from NASA

One of our readers was kind enough to send a link to a YouTube video from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Obervatory (SDO), which has been capturing images of the whole sun 24 hours a day for the last 5 years. After putting together image sequences into a time-lapse, NASA created a stunning video that is absolutely worth watching. If you visit NASA’s official website, you can click on the Related Media link and see many more videos and images from SDO, which are all as amazing as the below video:

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Ads on Photography Life

As you may have already noticed, we have been experimenting with advertising here at Photography Life over the weekend. After several days of trying out Google’s advertising, we decided to settle on a few locations on the website and we have now pretty much settled on showing advertising on the sidebar and the main content area of the page. While we have tried to do our best to make ads as unobtrusive as possible, our old-time readers who have been enjoying the ad-free environment for so many years might get a bit annoyed and might wonder why we had to resort to introducing advertising on this site. Unfortunately, it all has to do with our rising costs.

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Happy Holidays from Photography Life!

A very warm and merry Christmas and upcoming Happy New Year to all readers of and visitors to Photography Life! Below is a selection of Christmas lights in London that I photographed tonight to celebrate the festive spirit (with the exception of the first image which was shot 2 years ago). Warm congratulations to all contributors and readers on their photographic endeavours this past year. May your success continue well into the New Year, with greater focus, passion and undiluted pleasure. Here’s hoping Santa brought you all the gear you asked for!

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Big Site Changes and New Hosting

If you have been checking our site during the past week, you’ve probably noticed that we had a few outages and changes. We have been working hard on migrating the site to a new hosting platform, so we decided to make a few changes while at it. The first major change is security – the site is now fully secured through 2048 bit SSL encryption! If you look at the URL, you will notice that it now starts with “https://”, whether you are looking at an article, or logged into the site with your account. We want to encourage our readers to register and participate in our forums and articles, so we want to make sure that your information is protected. In addition, we want to host a few contests (more on this later) and we want to be prepared!

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A Heartfelt “Thank You” for our First Year Together

I can hardly believe that it was over a year ago when Nasim contacted me out of the blue and asked me if I could write a review of the Nikon 1 V2 for Photography Life. I was both stunned and honored by his request. I had been a loyal reader of this site for a number of years since its “Mansurovs” days and I never dreamed that I would ever pen an article here.

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Photography Week: Overview

The Photography Week, our first ever event, has passed. The fact that it has ended a week ago and I am only publishing this article now is a good indication that for us, it did not go quite as planned. The reason for it is very simple – despite the huge effort from our team to deliver content, I overestimated how much spare time I would have during PPE in New York. The long flight did not help matters at all. Because of that and the busy schedule in New York, I wasn’t able to publish all the content in time. On the flip side, you’ll be seeing some more articles similar to the ones already published during the event in the coming week, and hence a nice distraction from all the great, yet more technical pieces we are working on currently.

But all of this is just me making excuses. What’s important is that I’ve learned, through trial and error, just how much effort the event requires, at least if I want to fulfill my obligation. And I do. The question is, should the even ever take place again and turn into a tradition of sorts? That, our dear readers, is up to you to decide. Let’s look through all the articles that have been published during our first ever Photography Week, and once that is done, our whole team is very curious if you’d want the event to happen again.

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