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Photography Life on DPReview’s Closure

Like most of you, I was stunned this morning to see that Digital Photography Review, the biggest dedicated photography website, is closing their doors after more than two decades of operation. I’m still trying to process the news, but here are a couple of the early things I’d like to say.

Ecuador and Galapagos Photography Workshop

Our planet abounds with many beautiful places. But one of the most stunning - a place with rainforests, mountains, and almost unparalleled biodiversity - is the tropical Andes. It is the mountains around the South American equator that I consider the most beautiful place in the world for photography. In...

Bringing New Life to an Old Camera

Maybe this has happened to you, too: You head out with your camera, ready to take some great photos, only to find that you left your memory card at home or forgot to charge your battery. (If this hasn't happened to you, maybe you're less distracted than I am.) In...

How to Edit Underwater Photos

Post-processing is one of the most important steps of good underwater photography. Water changes a lot about a scene, making it low-contrast and very blue. But with good post-processing, you can correct for the negative effects of the water, and bring back lots of details from seemingly dull underwater images....

Please Welcome Libor Vaicenbacher to the Photography Life Team!

For many months now, we’ve worked with wildlife photographer Libor Vaicenbacher here at Photography Life, and you’ve already seen his weekly news articles and his great work on the Nikon Z9 review. Today I’m happy to welcome him as the first member of the Photography Life team to be working full-time, alongside Spencer and myself!

Understanding Pen Tablets for Photography

A pen tablet, also called a graphics tablet, can serve as a great alternative to using a mouse when editing photos. With a pen tablet, you can move your cursor almost as fluidly as you would draw on a piece of paper. That said, tablets can be expensive, and they...

The Many Types of Photographers

Happy April Fool’s Day! We at Photography Life hope you’re having a low-key day with no pranks and no laughter or mirth at all. Here’s a solemn article from our archives to remind you to take life very seriously. Featuring a few new updates for 2022.

Please Welcome Alex Coleman to the Photography Life Team!

I'm excited to introduce another new writer from our expanding team at Photography Life. Please give a warm welcome to Alex Coleman! Alex impressed us with his wide range of high-quality photos of a huge variety of subjects. You’ve seen his articles on night photography, real estate, and lenses - now...