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Solving the Problems of Photography in Very Cold Temperatures

Cameras usually aren’t specced to shoot in very cold conditions. A small handful have a negative operating temperature (in Celsius at least), like the Nikon Z9 at -10° C / 14° F. Most others are rated for a pretty pedestrian 0° C / 32° F. But if you’re aware of the issues, you can work in temperatures colder than that.

Photography Life Is Hiring!

I’m happy to announce that Photography Life is hiring part-time and full-time writers to join our growing team! All the details, along with the submission form links are provided below.

Unifying a Photo’s Emotions

What’s the difference between a good photo and a bad photo, even of the same subject? It’s a hard question. If I knew for sure, I’d never need to delete a photo again. But there is one concept that I’ve found helpful to answer the question: unity.

Happy New Year (and what a year it was!)

With the year 2020 finally behind us, I wanted to wish a very Happy New 2021 Year to our readers all around the world. Thank you for being our readers, and for continuing to come back to Photography Life. It is an honor to write for such an amazing group...

Turboant X7 Pro Electric Scooter Review

What does a review of an electric scooter have to do with a photography site? With the world still in chaos from the Coronavirus pandemic, I figured it would be fun to do something completely different for a change. While I have been posting quite a few "catch-up" reviews recently...

HEIF Format Explained

With the rise of digital content on the Internet, it is becoming more and more important to have an efficient image format. One such format is HEIF, which is designed to be as small as possible while retaining high image quality. In this article, we will take a closer look...

Join Me in Dubai This Saturday (Free Event)

I’m on my way to Dubai to deliver a lecture titled "Technical Photography and the Photography Industry", as well as to kick off my Dubai and Jordan workshop. If you are in Dubai this coming Saturday, February 29, 2020, please join this free event - I would love to meet...

Live Youtube Q&A with PL

Today we’ll be doing a live Q&A / AMA (ask me anything) on our Youtube channel at 9 PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific. Nasim and I will both be there to take questions for about an hour.

Happy New Year!

With only a few hours left until 2019 ends (which it already did for some of our readers in other countries), I wanted to wish a very Happy New Year to all of our readers around the world. Thank you for continuing to come back to Photography Life to get...