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Scientific Photography: Where Art and Science Collide

Scientific photography bridges the intersection between art and science. It combines what I love about photography with the process of discovery, truth-seeking, and documentation. The end goal is not just to understand the world around us but to depict our discoveries in an inspirational way.

The 5 Most Revolutionary Advances in Photography

The art of photography has been shaped by some incredible technical trends over the last few decades, and it seems like the pace of change is ever-accelerating. In this article, I wanted to take a look back at some of the biggest advances and game-changers in modern photography.

How Instagram Reels are Hurting Photographers

Instagram has been the world's biggest photo sharing platform for years, for better or for worse. Most professional photographers have an Instagram page if for no other reason than to connect to clients and share their work. And despite some issues over the years, broadly speaking, I believe it served...

Potoos: The Forest Ghosts of Latin America

Few bird groups are as mysterious and under-studied as the Potoos of Latin America. These champions of camouflage can be almost impossible to see unless they’re in motion. Perhaps this is why they’ve found their way into the legends and stories of indigenous people.