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Bird Photography in Ottawa: Challenge or Opportunity?

Ottawa, Canada may not be the easiest place to see birds, or the best place to be a photographer, or even the warmest place... wait, why am I writing about Ottawa? Because I live here, and I've photographed birds and wildlife here for more hours than anywhere else. Ottawa has...

Photographing the Ubiquitous Urban Wildlife

There's one big link between rats and pigeons. Although the species are separated by millions of years genetically, they are drawn together through their shared affinity for humans. Most humans, by comparison, have very little affinity for either species! But as a biologist and photographer, I'm always curious about how...

Photographing Exotic Birds Close to Home

It’s starting to rain outside, the days are getting shorter, and my holiday time is irreversibly over. Most of us are probably skimping on our remaining vacation days for the end of the year. What a situation! There are distant lands, exotic animals, and adventure awaiting – but no time to photograph them.

The Bright Side of the Disaster

The most popular articles on the Internet always seem to be downers. Just notice how little good news there is on a typical news website. It’s mostly celebrity gossip and death. So, to radically increase the views on my articles, let me tell you about a time that things went wrong.

Star Trails on Ultra-Large Format Film

In January, I went on a road trip to Zion National Park in Utah. Only recently did I realize that I hadn’t destroyed (yes, destroyed) the best photo I took there, of star trails at night. How did that happen? It’s entirely my fault, but at least the story, and the results, are encouraging.