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The Power of The Image

I’ve been reflecting on the fact that there are plenty of technical discussions about camera equipment and the general know-how of photography. I wanted to examine the role and importance of the still image and its ongoing significance in the ever-changing landscape of media and visual communication. Some time ago,...

Behind the Shot: Pyramid Dune

Death Valley National Park has more extremes than almost any other place on earth. The weather is harsh and the landscape unforgiving. It’s a brilliant combination for landscape photography.

Behind the Shot: Sand Dunes in the Fog

One of the coolest sights I’ve seen in a long time is a desert landscape immersed in fog, which I photographed from the perspective of a drone. Hopefully this article gives you a better understanding of how the photo came to be.

Behind the Shot: A Rainbow in Thorsmork

In today’s article, I’ve explained the entire process from start to finish behind one of my landscape photos. I tried to cover as much as possible – the story behind the photo, camera equipment, settings, refining the composition, post-processing, and so on. I hope you find it useful!

Get Creative During Lockdown

With much of the global human population currently on lockdown (at the time of writing) this may be the perfect opportunity to think about creative projects to try indoors. You know I’m going to talk about toys and I know that many of you don’t think it’s ‘real’ photography.

Photographing the Liwa Desert in Fog (+ New Video)

While in UAE during our Dubai and Jordan photography workshop, we had a chance to visit and photograph the stunning Liwa Desert. Little did we know that we would be lucky enough to witness a rare fog covering the entire desert. In this article, I will talk about my experience...

Pakistan You Never See

If you haven't heard the name 'Potohar' before, fret not - it’s not a place of any particular international repute. It just happens to accurately capture the boundaries - with one big exception - of the region of northeastern Pakistan that is the subject of this story. Surrounded by foothills...

Photographing the Vivid Sydney Festival

I suppose we all develop a unique attachment to the place where we were born, raised or have otherwise spent a significant portion of our lives. In my case, that’s Sydney, Australia. I’ve travelled extensively through the USA, Europe, the Caribbean and South East Asia. Along the way there have...

A Failed Landscape Photography Expedition

To be brutally honest - some plans are doomed to erupt in flames the moment they meet reality. That isn’t a surprise; the only twisted part is that we almost always know what’s about to happen, yet keep chugging along anyway. I found myself in that position last week while...