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What to Photograph When There’s Nothing to Photograph

I’m on the annual Photography Life fall colors workshop with Nasim, and our group ran into a tricky photographic situation this morning. A beautiful mountain overlook was completely blocked by clouds at sunrise, ruining any photos we had in mind. Time to pack it up and go home? Not quite.

Best Photography Memoirs

If you're looking for good weekend reads in photography - enjoyable books that also serve as education and inspiration - this list is for you. The books I cover below are all memoirs by photographers detailing their creative, photographic, and artistic journeys. Some read like novels and others are crash...

How to Make Photos Feel More Deliberate

Most of the time, when you see a good photo, you’ll get a sense that the photographer took it deliberately. But how can you tell that? What subtle things about the photo make it appear deliberate rather than random? That’s what I’ll cover today.

Transitions and Extremes in Landscape Photography

If you show up at a promising location for landscape photography, how do you choose which direction to start walking and exploring? It’s not always obvious, especially if the landscape in front of you is something like sand dunes or salt flats where you can go any direction.

Understanding Texture in Photography

There are many tools in a photographer’s “emotional toolbox” – the things you can do in photography to shift a photo’s emotional message in your preferred direction. The one I’ll be talking about today is texture.

Timing and Direction in Landscape Photography

Landscape photographers would have a much easier time if only we could move the sun to suit our whims. (We’d make sure to put it back afterward.) Alas, unless you’re an unapologetic Photoshopper – or maybe a Luminary these days – you can’t do much to change the natural light.

Best Books About Composition for Photographers

Whether you are a new photographer learning the basics of composition for the first time, or a more experienced photographer looking to improve your photographic composition there is a book on this list for you. The one thing the books on this list all have in common is that they...

The Best Photography Books You Should Read in 2021

A good photography book an enjoyable way to pass the afternoon, and it's often the perfect antidote to a creative rut. Whether you've been photographing for years or you're a beginner looking to take your work to the next level we're going to take a look at the best photography...

The Elements of Photography

I was consumed by the technical aspects of photography during the early days of my career in photography. Getting a sharp image was all that I had in mind. "Which shutter speed should I use to capture birds in flight? Which ISO will give me images with less noise? What...

Compose Better Photos with Gestalt Theory

One of the better-known theories of perception is Gestalt Psychology. It deals with the way we organize information (usually visuals, but not always) into wholes. While Gestalt Theory isn’t mentioned very often in discussions about composing good photos, I think that’s a mistake.