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How to Work with Plants in Wildlife Photography

“To hills of green and shadows cool,” wrote Rudyard Kipling in his poem A Coming May. And although green vegetation is always welcome after harsh winters, lively plants can complicate bird photography. Grass and leaves can sometimes be overpowering in their distracting randomness and in their crazy effects on background blur.

Is Photography a Numbers Game?

I’m not sure precisely when I crossed 100,000 photos, but I’m well past that mark now. In another few weeks, my Lightroom catalog will hit 200,000. Even these might be rookie numbers if you’re a sports or wildlife photographer, or if you’ve been doing wedding photography for a while.

How to Choose Between Similar Versions of a Photo

Something tough about photography is choosing between similar variations of the same photo. If you're especially shutter-happy, you might end up with many similar photos on your hard drive without a clear "best" image among them. Although you could just pick one of these photos at random, I think that...

Landscape Photography with a Shallow Depth of Field

As a landscape photographer, you have many different ways to control the emotional message of your work. The time of day, your focal length, the direction you face, how you edit the image, and so on – all of these impact the creative feel of a photo. But what about depth of field?

Lessons Learned from Photo Critiques

As many of you know, a recent project we’ve been publishing for our Members is a monthly photo critique livestream. It’s always nice to see the great work you sending us, and we also get to discuss a lot of the non-technical aspects of photography, like composition, light, and color.

10 Tips to Take More Interesting Wildlife Photos

Wildlife photography is one of the most demanding forms of photography because so much is unpredictable. At times, there are only fleeting  moments to capture the shot you want. Sometimes the mentality of "just get any photo" can get in the way of capturing more intentional, artistic, and interesting photos....

Enjoying Photography in a High-Tech World

In modern times, pursuing photography can feel like walking into a hurricane. It seems that with every passing day, we are bombarded not only with millions of new images, but new gear that seems to need upgrading every few months. And, recently, we're being told that we need to apply...