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Fujifilm Announcements: Fuji X-T5 and 30mm f/2.8 Macro

In its final X-Summit of the year, Fujifilm just announced the release of the X-T5, the newest camera in their very popular X-T lineup. They also announced a new 30mm macro lens for the X-Series cameras. With a 40mp sensor, an updated processor with 2x faster readout speeds, and a...

Sony A7R V Announced: Faster Processor, Better Autofocus

Sony just announced the next addition to their high-resolution A7R camera lineup with the A7R V, which sports an upgraded processor and focusing system compared to the prior A7R IV. Although 61-megapixel BSI sensor is the same as the previous generation, there are lots of other improvements behind the scenes. Let’s take a look!

Nikon Z 24-120mm f/4 S Review

The Nikon Z 24-120mm f/4 S has been one of the most highly anticipated Nikon mirrorless lenses yet – but it almost didn’t exist. In early versions of the Nikon Z roadmap, a 24-105mm was shown instead. Thankfully, Nikon scrapped that plan and eventually went with the 24-120mm design we have today.

What’s in my Camera Bag? – Nicholas Hess

Will today be the day I see a mountain lion? Or will I find some aquatic creature to photograph instead? Even if I have one particular species in mind, I never know for sure what I'll see when I set foot into nature. Instead, I try to be prepared to...

The Best Nikon Cameras for Wildlife Photography (2024)

What is the best Nikon camera for photographing wildlife in 2024? Since "wildlife" encompasses so many things, from birds to lions and everything in between, it's a hard question to answer. If you ask a random wildlife photographer which feature is most important to them, one might say autofocus while...

Our Lens Testing Survey Results

Last week, I posted a survey asking what lens reviews you most wanted to see at Photography Life. The survey received many more responses than I expected: 657 before I closed it! I’ve tallied up the responses and now have a clear idea what lenses we’re going to review next.

What’s In My Camera Bag? – Alex Coleman

While I don’t have a definitive camera bag setup, I’ve got a number of must-haves, as well as a few typical setups, depending on what I’m shooting that day. Want to see some of my favorite gear for landscape and commercial photography? Here it is!