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Nikon FTZ Adapter Lens Compatibility, Explained

If you’re using a Nikon Z camera, it’s important to check before buying any non-Z-series lenses to make sure they’re compatible with Nikon’s FTZ adapter. This comprehensive article goes into the compatibility of various Nikon and third-party lenses when using the FTZ adapter.

Best Lenses for the Nikon Z7 / Z7 II

To make the most of the Nikon Z7 and Nikon Z7 II’s high-resolution 45.7-megapixel sensors, it’s best to use suitable lenses. Otherwise, you might as well save some money and get a Z6 / Z6 II instead. I’ll go through my top recommendations for both Z and F-mount lenses below.

Nikon Z7 II Review

As promised, we are re-posting the Nikon Z7 II review to the top of Photography Life now that we have tested the new 1.20 firmware. Our impressions are on pages 3-5. However, note that the changes were fairly minor overall and don’t affect our rating of the camera.

Fuji GFX 100S Review

Since Fujifilm entered the medium format digital camera market 4 years ago, they have made it clear that developing and innovating on their GFX line is a priority. The G-mount lens lineup is comprised of about a dozen lenses so far, and this past January, Fujifilm announced the GFX 100S,...

Nikon Z7 II vs Nikon D850

In this article, let’s compare two of Nikon’s high-resolution cameras: the Nikon Z7 II and Nikon D850. Although the two cameras look very different on the surface – the Z7 II being a lightweight mirrorless camera, the D850 being a tank-like DSLR – they’re both intended for similar audiences.

All Nikon Full-Frame Cameras as of 2021, Compared

Nikon has been making full-frame digital cameras for almost 15 years, and their overall lineup today can seem overwhelming. In this article, I’ll compare Nikon’s entire full-frame (FX) camera lineup and explain which of these cameras might be a good choice for your photography.

Nikon Z7 vs Z7 II

Today, we’ve updated our Nikon Z7 versus Nikon Z7 II article with high ISO tests and a dynamic range comparison, as well as our thoughts after real-world use of both of these cameras.

Canon’s Series of Mirrorless Announcements

Canon has announced three new mirrorless lenses – a 400mm f/2.8, 600mm f/4, and 100mm f/2.8 macro – as well as the development of the EOS R3, a pro-grade mirrorless camera with a built-in battery grip and 30 FPS shooting. The macro lens and the R3 in particular have some unusual, promising features that we at Photography Life cannot wait to test!