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Our Most Popular Comment Ever

As I was updating some old articles on Photography Life, I came across what I believe to be the most popular comment anywhere on the site. It concerns a particular lens that Nikon Z users have been asking about for a while now. I’ll let the comment speak for itself:

Fujifilm’s Plan and What It Means for Their Future

A few weeks ago, Fujifilm held its first (of two) X-Summits of 2022. Livestreamed from Omiya Japan, this event was long awaited by Fujifilm users for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the hope of getting new details about Fuji's upcoming stacked-sensor camera. Now that the...

Recommended Lenses for 14×17 and 12×20 Cameras

Following my article on recommended lenses for 8×10 cameras, today I’ll cover my favorite lenses on two even bigger formats: 14×17 and 12×20. These two ultra-large formats have similar diagonals as each other – in practice, about 550mm and 580mm respectively. Most lenses that work for one will work for the other.

Fujifilm X-H2s Announcement: Fuji’s Ultra-Fast Flagship Camera

Last September, Fujifilm ended the X-Summit with the announcement that next generation cameras would be coming with a stacked-layer, backside-illuminated, X-trans sensor. Today Fuji announced the X-H2s, the first Fujifilm camera to include this stacked sensor technology. By separating the pixels and the circuitry into their own layers, we see...

Canon EOS R10 vs Canon EOS R7

Canon’s newly-announced EOS R10 and EOS R7 are both aps-c cameras and part of the mirrorless R System. Although they share some similarities in features, they’re aimed at separate audiences and have plenty of important differences. This article compares the two cameras, including their construction and detailed specifications.

Canon’s R7 and R10 Breathe Life into APS-C

The past several years haven't been kind to the 1.5x crop sensor camera. Other than Fuji, every major manufacturer of aps-c cameras has shifted their focus toward full frame. Canon's most recent aps-c camera was their M50 Mark II in October 2020; Sony's newest (late-2019) a6100 and a6600 have already...

The 8×10 Lenses I Recommend the Most

The bigger your film size, the harder it is to find lenses that work well. For 8×10, the largest common film format, that rings especially true. So, what should you look for in an 8×10 lens? There are a lot of factors, from coverage to lens sharpness. Today, I’ll go through those factors and introduce the best 8×10 lenses.

Nikon VR 105mm f/2.8G Macro Lens Review

The lens that I’ve been using the longest as a photographer is the Nikon 105mm f/2.8G Macro – the F-mount lens, that is. Nikon has been selling it since 2006, and in that time it’s gained a lofty reputation (not just among macro photographers, either). Today, I’m reviewing it in full.