Nikon MC-36 Multi-Function Remote Review

After reviewing the Nikon ML-3 Compact Modulite Remote and the Vello FreeWave Plus remotes with more basic features, we now turn our attention to the Nikon MC-36 Multi-Function Remote which has been kindly provided to us by B&H Photo – the world’s largest photo and video equipment reseller where we buy most of our equipment.

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Nikon ML-3 Compact Modulite Remote Review

If you are considering a new remote, you will find that there are currently numerous models available on the market. Thus, I have decided to share my thoughts and do a few brief reviews of some of them. The Nikon ML-3 Modulite Remote Control is kindly provided by B&H Photo – the world’s largest photo and video equipment reseller where we buy most of our equipment.

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AEO Photo Lightning Strike Pro Review

With spring here and thunderstorms in the forecast, I thought I would review the Lightning Strike Pro, a lightning shutter trigger from AEO Photo which has been kindly provided by B&H – the largest photo reseller in the world that we use more than any other to buy our photography gear.

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Lowepro Flipside 300 Backpack Review

I recently reviewed Kata 3n1-33 which is my main travel pack for camera equipment. However, as I mentioned in that review, there are better choices if you need a backpack for hiking – for that I prefer the Lowepro Flipside 300. Obviously, it doesn’t carry nearly as much gear as the Kata 3n1, but then, while backpacking, I wouldn’t normally want to bring a laptop or a kitchen sink with me.

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Kata 3 in 1 Sling Backpack Review

This is a review of the Large version of the Kata D-3N1-33 3 in 1 Sling Backpack. So you just got a nice new Nikon D800 or D4. What, you shoot Canon? OK, you just got a new Canon 5D Mark III or 1D X, now what do you carry it in? You can read a number of reviews about bags, most of them written after they were used briefly after purchase, but how about a review after long-term use?…

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Nikon GP-1 Review

This is a quick review of the Nikon GP-1 GPS unit designed for Nikon DSLRs that have built-in support for an external GPS unit. Traveling and photography go together, so the idea of geo-tagging and mapping your photos in Lightroom, Aperture or iPhoto is appealing to many of us. The price for the ability to geo-tag using a Nikon DSLR is a bit steep when you consider new point and shoot cameras include this feature and don’t cost much more,…

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Oben AC-1410 Tripod Review

This is a quick review of the Oben AC-1410 4-Section Aluminum Tripod with BA-0 Ball Head. While simultaneously testing a number of digital cameras from Sony, Nikon and Olympus, I realized that I need another tripod that is light, easy to use / setup and affordable. I already have a heavy duty Gitzo Systematic tripod with an Arca-Swiss ballhead that I use for my photography needs, but I found it too painful to remove the quick release plate every time…

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Must-Have Filters for Landscape Photography

While I was photographing the beautiful scenery of the Glacier National Park at sunrise, I realized that some filters are pretty much required to get good results when photographing landscapes. While many photographers think that some of the built-in tools in Lightroom and Photoshop can simulate filter behavior, making filters redundant in the digital age, some filters in fact can never be simulated in software, while others help in getting even better results in post-processing. If you do not know…

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Samsung 8GB Micro SDHC Review

This is a quick review of the Samsung 8GB Micro SDHC memory for phones, PDAs and digital cameras. The card is described as “practically indestructible” by the manufacturer. I also got an SD card adapter, since I wanted to test the memory card when using it with the Nikon D7000, a second D7000 DSLR body that I was testing).

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Jobu Design Black Widow Jr Review

This is a review of the Black Widow Jr.3 (BWG-JR3) Gimbal head by Jobu Design. A good, reliable and flexible tripod head is a must when using long telephoto lenses. While there are many different tripod heads and mounts out there, the “Gimbal” type head is preferred, because it provides excellent stability and balance with full flexibility to rotate the lens and camera with ease. Any other tripod head type, including ball-head requires constant loosening and tightening when tracking moving…

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