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Peak Design Capture Clip V3 Review

Every once in a great while, a company ‘invents the wheel’ with a product. What do I mean by that? I mean that the invented product is so functionally appropriate that it becomes a new standard. The Peak Design Capture Clip V3 is just like a wheel. It’s an uncomplicated,...

Think Tank Digital Holster 150 Bag Review

Long lens users arguably have an easier time selecting camera bags, simply because there are fewer bags that will fit a long lens in the first place. Today, I will review one such bag, the Think Tank Digital Holster 150. This $110 shoulder bag is capable of holding a camera...

HoldFast Money Maker Dual Camera Strap Review

If you’ve spent time around wedding photographers, you’ve probably seen the camera straps I’m going to discuss in this article. HoldFast is a small company that makes a variety of (primarily) leather camera accessories. They take pride that all their gear is made at their facility in Oklahoma, USA.

MindShift Gear Filter Hive Mini Review

Traditional glass filters are useful tools for landscape photography, but you need to pack them carefully to avoid breaking or scratching them. Many of the filter cases I’ve tried before are heavy, bulky, and fairly expensive. Today, I’ll review the Filter Hive Mini from MindShift Gear, which aims to fix those issues.

Arca Swiss Quick Link Set Review

Arca Swiss’s “Quick Link Set” is a duo of lightweight plates that go between your tripod and your tripod head, letting you attach and detach the head quickly. I’ve been using the Quick Link Set recently and wanted to cover my impressions in today’s review.

Recommended Equipment for Milky Way Photography

Simply seeing the Milky Way is already an awe-inspiring experience, and photographing it is one of my favorite things in the world. Although I’ve already written several articles about photographing the stars, today I wanted to specifically cover the gear needed to get great night sky photos.

Recommended Equipment for Landscape Photography

You can easily fill a backpack (or even the trunk of a car) with a landscape photography kit. Cameras and lenses only scratch the surface – there’s an overwhelming number of other accessories out there. This article breaks down what’s available and explains exactly what a landscape photographer really needs.

Best Apps for Photographers in 2024

Considering that smartphones have all but replaced point and shoot cameras, it's easy to think of them as simply a device useful for grabbing a quick snapshot. But today's smartphones offer an amazing variety of apps and are an invaluable tool for all photographers. Whether you are photographing with your...

Sensor Gel Stick Sale – While Supplies Last!

After many years of selling the Sensor Gel Stick, I decided it is time to move it off Photography Life. With Amazon constantly undercutting our sales (and often selling fake copies), it has been tough to keep the product available, and I just don't want to deal with the inventory,...

ProMediaGear Pro Stix 77 Carbon Fiber Tripod Review

This is a review of the ProMediaGear Pro Stix 77 Carbon Fiber Tripod (model TR424L), a tall, heavy-duty, yet lightweight tripod considering its size and functionality. Generally, this is a bigger tripod than many will ever want or need, but because the company makes such nice gear and has a...