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The Best Macro Lenses for Nikon

I’ve tested a lot of macro lenses for Nikon cameras recently, which is lucky timing given the upcoming 50mm and 105mm Z-series macro lenses. We’ll test those two soon enough, but today, here’s a comparison of a half dozen popular macro lenses already on the market.

Unifying a Photo’s Emotions

What’s the difference between a good photo and a bad photo, even of the same subject? It’s a hard question. If I knew for sure, I’d never need to delete a photo again. But there is one concept that I’ve found helpful to answer the question: unity.

Nikon Z5 vs Z6 II

The difference in price between the Nikon Z5 and Nikon Z6 II is substantial, even though both are full-frame mirrorless cameras with a lot of similarities. Is the Nikon Z6 II worth the extra money? This comparison explains everything you need to know to make your decision.

Used Cameras Are Killing Entry-Level Cameras

Ignoring price, would you rather have the Nikon D750 or the Nikon D5600? It’s probably no contest. Unless you desperately need the D5600’s lighter weight or tilt-flip screen, the full-frame D750 is ahead in every way. Okay, stop ignoring price. The D750 is cheaper.

Recommended Equipment for Macro Photography

Although it can be tough to take good macro photos, it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, a full kit of macro photography necessities can cost less than $100. This article covers my recommended equipment for taking great macro photos, from good values to high-end gear.

Nikon Z6 II vs Canon EOS R6

Two of the most interesting mirrorless cameras today are the Nikon Z6 II and the Canon EOS R6. Although they target slightly different audiences, they also have a lot of similarities. Today, I’ve put them head-to-head in everything from specifications to image quality.