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Long Exposure Noise Reduction Explained

Over time, every digital camera will develop “hot” or “stuck” pixels that do not work properly. They aren’t usually visible, but when you’re taking long exposures, they become more and more obvious. The easiest way to fix hot pixels is with a camera setting called long exposure noise reduction.

How to Maximize Image Quality in Photography

In the past, I’ve written about camera settings in terms of optimization – pushing your gear to the limits in order to maximize image quality. Today, I’ll revisit those advanced techniques and explain how to combine them to capture the highest quality images you possibly can.

All Current Nikon Cameras Compared

At Photography Life, our team has used every current Nikon DSLR and mirrorless camera extensively, and we’ve now reviewed all of them in depth except the D5. So, today, I’d like to take a bird’s-eye look at Nikon’s entire lineup and explain where each camera stands in 2019.

Understanding Aperture Priority Mode in Photography

Aperture priority mode is critically useful, but a lot of photographers, advanced or not, don’t fully understand its potential. I personally use it almost all the time, for everything from wildlife to landscape photography. It usually provides optimal results more quickly than Manual can.

Recommended Nikon D3500 Settings

For many photographers, especially first-time DSLR users, the camera menu on the Nikon D3500 can be confusing and overwhelming. Even though the D3500 is easier to understand than some cameras, it still has dozens of menu options to choose from. How do you even begin to set everything correctly?

Nikon D3500 Review

When Nikon announced the D3500, photographers complained that nothing had really changed from the D3400. (Akin to complaints when the D3400 had so many D3300 similarities.) I’ve now tested the D3500 extensively – and I disagree. It has its flaws, no doubt. But this camera is better than the D3400.

Nikon Full-Frame Cameras Compared

Nikon has been making full-frame cameras for more than 12 years. The total number of options today can seem overwhelming. In this article, I’ll compare Nikon’s entire full-frame (FX) camera lineup and explain which of these cameras might be a good choice for your photography.

What to Bring on a Landscape Photography Trip

Photographers always talk about the best equipment for certain photographic purposes – lenses, cameras, accessories, and so on. But what about packing and carrying your equipment in the first place? For something like landscape photography, you’ll often need to pack the most versatile possible kit given very limited space.

Blue Hour Photography Guide

The “blue hour” is one of the most interesting and emotive times of day to capture photos. I’ve taken many of my favorite pictures at blue hour – even more than at sunrise or sunset. But what is blue hour, and how can you make the most of it?

What Is Bulb Mode in Photography?

Photographers often feel frustrated by the 30-second shutter speed limit on many cameras. What they may not realize is that there is an easy way around this limitation – if you know how to use it. The solution is known as bulb mode.