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Timing and Direction in Landscape Photography

Landscape photographers would have a much easier time if only we could move the sun to suit our whims. (We’d make sure to put it back afterward.) Alas, unless you’re an unapologetic Photoshopper – or maybe a Luminary these days – you can’t do much to change the natural light.

Canon’s Series of Mirrorless Announcements

Canon has announced three new mirrorless lenses – a 400mm f/2.8, 600mm f/4, and 100mm f/2.8 macro – as well as the development of the EOS R3, a pro-grade mirrorless camera with a built-in battery grip and 30 FPS shooting. The macro lens and the R3 in particular have some unusual, promising features that we at Photography Life cannot wait to test!

Hiking and Camping Tips from a Landscape Photographer

Even ignoring photography – which is a fun way to begin an article on a photography blog! – I’ve always loved hiking, camping, and being in the great outdoors. Some of my favorite memories are from times when I left my camera in my backpack or at home and just went exploring.

500 Rule vs NPF Rule: Shutter Speed for Astrophotography

When you’re photographing the night sky, it can be a serious challenge to pick the right camera settings. Shutter speed in particular is a difficult one, forcing you to fight between capturing enough light or capturing sharp stars. Two popular rules aim to help – the 500 rule and NPF rule.

Macro Photography Ideas to Try at Home

Most of us have gotten rather used to our homes over the past year. And most photographers, including me, have had a harder time finding interesting subjects and inspiration as a result. But one of the best things about macro photography is that you can do it anywhere, including indoors,...

How to Photograph a Rocket Launch at Night

With companies like SpaceX launching more and more rockets into space, it’s easier than ever to get some interesting rocket launch photos. I saw and photographed my first launches earlier this year, and this article has my takeaways.

What Is Scouting in Landscape Photography?

Scouting is one of the best tools available to landscape photographers, especially when conditions are changing quickly. In this article, I’ll go over the three different levels of scouting and how you can use them to take better landscape photos.

Wildlife Photography Without a Supertelephoto

Even though my longest lens is a 70-200mm f/4, I’m still a big fan of wildlife photography. What’s not to like? Sitting around for hours without any luck, cursing your autofocus system, getting acquainted with mosquitos and other bugs while you wait…