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At the age of 15, I first held a digital SLR camera in my hands and started my attempts to artistically capture the world around me. Like most beginners, I photographed everything that came to my mind. But over time it became clear where my heart was beating (and not just for photography) - nature. Be it animals or landscapes, pictures in which neither people nor our traces can be recognized attract me the most. To view more of my work, visit my website.

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Canon EOS R5 Review

As Nasim noted in his review of the Canon EOS R6, Canon’s entry into the mirrorless market three years ago was not the most exciting moment for Canon shooters. By comparison, Canon made a big splash when they released the R5 and R6 in 2020.

South America, Part II

A few months ago, I published the first article about my trip through South America. Now, after I’ve returned home and had the chance to go through all my photographs and pick out some of the best, I’d like to share the second part of my journey with you.