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Announcing the New Photography Life Forum!

Today I am very excited to announce a project that I have been working on for the past few weeks, which will be one of the new pillars of Photography Life. Welcome to our brand-new forum! Yes, the timing of this announcement is not a coincidence - I know that...

SanDisk PRO-G40 SSD Review

The era of slow external drives is over. Thanks to the incredibly fast memory technologies on modern computers, we are able to use external storage as if it was native to the computer. This opens up opportunities to expand the built-in storage of computers and use drives with much larger...

Photography Life 2023 Workshop Announcements

I'm excited to announce the schedules for our upcoming 2023 Photography Life international workshops. In addition to our Jordan Photography Workshop that we have been running for many years now, we are adding a brand new workshop in Ecuador and Gal√°pagos Islands! My close friend and business partner, Tareq Hadi,...


While testing some of the top SD memory cards on the market, I discovered that TEAMGROUP, the company that is well-known for its PC components, also apparently produces storage hardware for photographers. In fact, I was not aware that the company makes a number of different SD cards that range...

Which Nikon Lens to Get First? (2023)

To pair with last week’s article on Nikon cameras, I just updated and re-wrote my guide to the best Nikon lens for a new photographer. It now includes information on Nikon Z mirrorless and the state of Nikon lenses today. What Nikon lens should you get first? This article answers your questions.

Please Welcome Libor Vaicenbacher to the Photography Life Team!

For many months now, we’ve worked with wildlife photographer Libor Vaicenbacher here at Photography Life, and you’ve already seen his weekly news articles and his great work on the Nikon Z9 review. Today I’m happy to welcome him as the first member of the Photography Life team to be working full-time, alongside Spencer and myself!

Which Nikon Camera Should You Get First? (2023)

I updated and re-wrote my “First Nikon Camera” guide with the most current information on Nikon cameras today. It now features a discussion on the state of Nikon DSLRs, the used market, and of course Nikon Z mirrorless cameras. What’s the ideal first Nikon camera? This article answers your questions.

TEAMGROUP T-Create Classic TB3 SSD Review

Without a doubt, technology can sometimes be hard to keep up with. If a few years back we were happy to use basic SD and SSD drives for our everyday storage needs, they are too slow and simply inadequate to use on modern cameras and computers. Now all the talk...

Acer SC900 SDXC UHS-II Memory Card Review

With so many different manufacturers entering the memory card storage space, we are seeing an abundance of choices for all types, sizes, and speeds of memory cards. While most are targeted for general everyday needs, some are made for more specialized types of photography and videography. Acer's latest SDXC memory...

The Many Types of Photographers

Happy April Fool’s Day! We at Photography Life hope you’re having a low-key day with no pranks and no laughter or mirth at all. Here’s a solemn article from our archives to remind you to take life very seriously. Featuring a few new updates for 2022.