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Photography News: Nikon Z8 Rumored Specs, Sony Sales

Yesterday I was walking with my camera through the beautiful Krkonose mountains on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland. Even the rain could not take away their beauty. I used one of the smallest Nikon Z-mount lenses available to photograph one of Europe's largest rivers, the Elbe. Specifically,...

Potoos: The Forest Ghosts of Latin America

Few bird groups are as mysterious and under-studied as the Potoos of Latin America. These champions of camouflage can be almost impossible to see unless they’re in motion. Perhaps this is why they’ve found their way into the legends and stories of indigenous people.

Photography News: Lightroom Update, Canon Sales

This weekend, April 22, fell on the 53rd anniversary of International Earth Day. This celebration of our beautiful planet is currently being held in 193 countries around the world. The purpose is to support and promote environmental protection. Hopefully, you were able to get out into nature on Saturday, at...