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Photographing Exotic Birds Close to Home

It’s starting to rain outside, the days are getting shorter, and my holiday time is irreversibly over. Most of us are probably skimping on our remaining vacation days for the end of the year. What a situation! There are distant lands, exotic animals, and adventure awaiting – but no time to photograph them.

Photography News: DxO Sale, Canon Lens Rumors

Before we get into the news of this week, let me ask you a question. How do you prepare for a photographic expedition? For example, I clean my equipment, charge all my batteries, and sharpen my machete – but most importantly, I study the resources available to get the most out of the place I’m going.

The Bright Side of the Disaster

The most popular articles on the Internet always seem to be downers. Just notice how little good news there is on a typical news website. It’s mostly celebrity gossip and death. So, to radically increase the views on my articles, let me tell you about a time that things went wrong.

What’s In My Camera Bag? – Libor Vaicenbacher

I took my first tentative photographic steps with Pentax film cameras. Since 2005, however, a Nikon camera is what’s been nestled in my photo backpack. First it was the beautiful FM3A, then the pioneering D70, and then the excellent D300. With the advent of the digital era, I started to focus on bird photography.