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Free the Light – Use Off-Camera Flash!

Flashes, as most of us know them, are small devices that are designed to fit into a camera’s hot shoe. They have a mounting foot on the bottom for that exact purpose – you slide it on, secure it, turn on the flash, and shoot. But more often than not, the results this way are disappointing.

Photographing Atlantic Puffins on the Island of Runde

Few birds have the gift of evoking such sympathy in humans as the small, comical-looking puffin. In many ways, its appearance is reminiscent of penguins, although the two aren't closely related. Nor do they share a habitat: Penguins are inhabitants of the Southern Hemisphere, while all four species of puffins...

Behind the Photos: Australian Bowerbirds

Kangaroos with babies in a pouch, cute koalas eating eucalyptus leaves, and the world’s most venomous snakes… All of these things come to mind when you say Australia. But have you ever heard of bowerbirds? We’ll take a closer look at two of them in today’s edition of “Behind the Photos.”

Photography News: Rumored Lenses, Canon Sales

When I first thought about the intro to today's Photography News, I wanted to write something about how gloomy, dark, and cold it is outside all day. This morning, my hand literally froze to the door handle. But your perception of the world is likely to be quite different from...