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Libor works as a biology teacher, guide, photographer and photography course lecturer. His passion is birds. As an ornithologist, Libor has studied the avian diversity of the South American Andes. He fell in love with this part of the world and since then he likes to return there with his camera to popularize its nature with his photographs, talks and articles. You can see more of Libor's work on his Instagram page.

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Peak Design Travel Tripod Review

I tend to think of a tripod as a necessary evil. Even with today's image stabilization, a tripod is still a requirement in many cases, so it's important to find one with the right balance of characteristics. What does that include? Small size, sufficient height, good vibration absorption, high durability, easy...

A Rare Encounter with the Crested Eagle

Most who visit the lowland tropical forest for the first time will be surprised to find that, despite popular documentaries, it appears rather empty. You can walk for hours in the green gloom and not find a single big animal. It makes it all the more rewarding when an encounter finally occurs.

Photography News: Nine New Lenses, Wacom Tablet Sale

After finishing this week's Photography News, I went out into the streets of Prague. While testing an interesting new lens, I visited places where the average Prague resident wouldn't often venture. From the Charles Bridge, I photographed the largest castle complex in the world - Prague Castle. I tried to...