About Jason Polak

Jason Polak is a bird and wildlife photographer from Ottawa, Canada. He has been interested in photography ever since he received a disposable film camera as a small child. His career as a mathematician led him to move to Australia in 2016, where he started seeing colorful parrots. A few casual shots with a lens completely unsuitable for birds got him hooked, and now wildlife photography is his biggest passion. Jason loves to show the beauty of animals to the world through photography, and one of his lifelong goals is to photograph five thousand species of birds. You can see more of Jason's work on his website or on his YouTube channel.

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Tips for Duck and Goose Photography

Ducks and geese form the family Anatidae, and there are 174 of them in total! Moreover, they are large birds that are easy to see - and thus make good photographic subjects. But like all animals, ducks and geese have their own sort of behavior, and that means there are...

How to Work with Plants in Wildlife Photography

“To hills of green and shadows cool,” wrote Rudyard Kipling in his poem A Coming May. And although green vegetation is always welcome after harsh winters, lively plants can complicate bird photography. Grass and leaves can sometimes be overpowering in their distracting randomness and in their crazy effects on background blur.

Adapting Lenses for Fun and Profit

It seems that once you’ve bought into a camera mount, you’re stuck there unless you switch systems. But, in the dark realm of photography, there’s a way to cross the mysterious border between lens mounts. That’s adapting lenses – in other words, taking a lens from one system and mounting it to another.

Nikon Z6 II vs Nikon Z6 III: What Should You Get?

The Nikon Z6 II and Nikon Z6 III are two full-frame, 24-megapixel Z-mount mirrorless cameras from Nikon. In some ways, the Nikon Z6 II was a fairly incremental upgrade to the original Z6, which addressed the main problems of the Z6 such as the single card slot. The Z6 III,...

Dockcase Studio 8-in-1 Review: A Smart USB-C Hub

Photographers constantly have to copy photos from their memory cards. And in this day and age, there are four main card formats being used in new cameras: CFExpress A, CFExpress B, SD, and occasionally micro SD. The most common way to read these formats is through a card reader. Unfortunately...

Panasonic GH7 Announced: A Serious Upgrade

Panasonic has always been known for their focus on hybrid mirrorless cameras that have both video and photo features. And their micro four-thirds GH cameras are essentially video-first, with stronger and more innovative features not available in typical hybrid cameras. This tradition continues with the newly-announced Panasonic GH7. This 25...

Photographing the Jardim Botânico Gardens of São Paulo

As the world’s 20th largest city, with over 12.4 million people, Brazil’s São Paulo is dominated by concrete, factories, and human habitation. In such a metropolis, green space feels all the more precious. Perhaps no green space here is better-known than the beautiful and serene Jardim Botânico, or Botanic Gardens.

Lessons Learned from Photo Critiques

As many of you know, a recent project we’ve been publishing for our Members is a monthly photo critique livestream. It’s always nice to see the great work you sending us, and we also get to discuss a lot of the non-technical aspects of photography, like composition, light, and color.

DxO PhotoLab 7 Review

In recent years, photographers have been spoiled by a variety of Raw developers in addition to Adobe Lightroom, such as Capture One Pro and ON1 PhotoRaw. Another option is DxO PhotoLab 7, which I’ll be reviewing today. How does it stand up to its competitors?

Birds to the West of Rio de Janeiro

Near the western border of the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro lies the small coastal city of Paraty. It is surrounded to the north by forest and rugged cliffs, and to the south by the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. I went to this charming city as part of...