About Jason Polak

Jason Polak is a bird and wildlife photographer from Ottawa, Canada. He has been interested in photography ever since he received a disposable film camera as a small child. His career as a mathematician led him to move to Australia in 2016, where he started seeing colorful parrots. A few casual shots with a lens completely unsuitable for birds got him hooked, and now wildlife photography is his biggest passion. Jason loves to show the beauty of animals to the world through photography, and one of his lifelong goals is to photograph five thousand species of birds. You can see more of Jason's work on his website or on his YouTube channel.

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Photographing the Ring-Billed Gull: A Rarity No More

In North America, the most commonly-known birds are probably the Rock Dove, Mallard, and Ring-billed Gull. The Ring-billed Gull is also one of the most photographed birds in the world, being #21 in eBird’s library with over 120,000 photos! But did you know that the Ring-billed Gull was once fairly rare?

My Five Favorite Post-Processing Secrets

Post-processing is one of the trickiest aspects of photography. You can get all your settings right in camera and have a great composition, but still end up with something strange with unflattering edits. In this article, I’ll share my favorite post-processing tips that will improve your results each time!

Exploring Brazil’s Remnant Atlantic Forest

Somewhere near the meeting of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Minas Gerais lie the partial remnants of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. I recently had the opportunity to explore this fragile region with my wife and see some of the less common species of flora and fauna in South America....

Sony FE 300mm f/2.8 GM OSS Lens Announced

Sony is surely making waves today, perhaps the biggest one being with their new Sony a9 III camera with a global shutter. But great cameras need great lenses, and what better way to make the Sony a9 III shine than with a shiny new Sony FE 300mm f/2.8 GM OSS...