About Jason Polak

Jason Polak is a bird and wildlife photographer from Ottawa, Canada. He has been interested in photography ever since he received a disposable film camera as a small child. His career as a mathematician led him to move to Australia in 2016, where he started seeing colorful parrots. A few casual shots with a lens completely unsuitable for birds got him hooked, and now wildlife photography is his biggest passion. Jason loves to show the beauty of animals to the world through photography, and one of his lifelong goals is to photograph five thousand species of birds. You can see more of Jason's work on his website or on his YouTube channel.

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SmallRig AD-01 Video Tripod + Fluid Head Review

Recently, SmallRig released a heavy-duty, inexpensive tripod called the AD-01, which ships with a fluid head. As someone who shoots both stills and video, I was very excited to try it out. However, after testing the tripod, I have some reservations. In this review, I'll tell you what I think...

Choosing the Best Lens for Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is one genre where the right lens makes a big difference, and the wrong one simply won’t let you get the shot. Wild animals may not be at optimal distances and they frequently appear in challenging light. So, how can you find the best lens to overcome the challenges of wildlife photography?

Staying Motivated in Photography

Do you find your interest in photography to be constant or does it waver? Passion and interest are a complex topics for me. I find myself trying to answer why my interest in photography has remained strong over the years even through distractions and challenges along the way.

Bird Photography in Southeastern Arizona

At the beginning of May, I travelled to southeastern Arizona on a wildlife photography trip. This is one of the southernmost areas of the United States. Thanks to its dry desert environment, the species here are quite different than those found in many other parts of North America. After arriving,...

11 Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners

One of the great challenges of wildlife photography is that there are so many things to consider in such a short amount of time. Even if you do everything right, the uncontrollable stuff can still stop you from getting "the shot." However, there are some basic tips that are easy...

How to Buy the Best Camera for Your Needs

Quick question: what's more complicated, buying a house or getting married? Answer: neither, it's buying a camera! That's right, and I wrote this guide because if you don't go about it right, then one day you'll realize you've made a horrible mistake and you'll give up photography. Okay, that could...

What Is Dynamic Range in Photography?

Dynamic range is the ratio between the strongest and weakest signal measured in a given context. For example, the dynamic range of a camera sensor is the ratio between the brightest and darkest signal that can be captured in a single image. Like most other things in photography, dynamic range...

What Are Megapixels and How Many Do You Need?

It's impossible to read about cameras and not encounter the terms "pixels" and "megapixels." Nowadays most cameras have 20 megapixels (MP) or more, and there are some monstrosities with 100MP. I still have memories of walking into camera shops as a teenager and seeing the higher end models having 2...

10 Tips for Better Bokeh in Photography

“Bokeh” is a term to describe the quality of out-of-focus areas in a photograph, both in the foreground and background. Although some aspects of bokeh are subjective, everyone seems to like creamy, smooth bokeh, whereas the infamous “onion rings” are unwanted in photos and probably better left as a food.