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Elaine Lansdown has had a lifelong love for photography that began when she was in college. It is her avocation and her way of expressing herself. Her main focus is landscape with specialties in flower and beach photography. Her love of manual shooting began in 2014, when she began to teach it to herself. The discovery of Photography Life that year gave her the skills to excel in that genre. She especially loves to teach manual methods through her essays on her favorite subjects. To see more of Elaine's work, visit her website or her SmugMug page.

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Beach Photography Using Manual Mode

This is a short essay for photographers who like to use manual mode. Beaches present some unique challenges for getting good quality photos, but they are also very rewarding subjects. Here’s what you should know if you want to photograph the beach using manual mode.

Intermediate Exposure Guide for Manual Mode Photography

This article is intended for beginner manual shooters who are not beginner photographers. This guide may benefit people who have been shooting in manual mode and still find things a bit tricky. It assumes knowledge of how one’s camera works and the relationship between the various exposure settings. It is...

The Art of Photographing Flowers

My favorite offshoot of landscape photography is flower photography. It is a bit easier to pursue than landscape, since you needn't travel very far to get unique and beautiful images. All you have to do is step into your own garden or visit a public garden to find a world...

Learning to Shoot in Manual Mode

This essay is for amateurs who have been shooting a while and feel the desire to push the envelope by going to manual mode. For those who are dedicated auto shooters and never want to change, I respect and endorse your choice, and wish you all the good shooting in...