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Kevin Choi is a freelance photographer who has a love for landscape and wildlife, and the founder of CaptureTheMoment. He has been carrying Nikon with him since 2008. Kevin is a man who never stops dreaming and would wish the same to you.

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How to Fix Light Leaks in Long Exposure Photography

If you have experimented with long exposure photography, you may have seen light leakage issues in your images. For the uninitiated – your camera is a light tight body that is intended to allow light from one end only, and that’s the front of the lens. Light only enters when...

Long Exposure Photography Tips

Long exposure photography can produce stunning photos. Nighttime shots can bring out unexpected detail and create amazing light effects. Daytime long exposure can create images with haunting moods and ethereal imagery. None of this is actually hard to achieve, but it does take a little thought and preparation. Here are...