About Alex Mody

An emerging talent in nature photography, Alex Mody - winner of the Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International 2009 Youth Photographer of the Year Award - specializes in landscape photography. Alex, based in Olympia, Washington, is a professional photographer, and part-time college student. His nature images have been featured in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Nature's Best Photography Magazine, N-Photo Magazine and more. Additionally, Alex offers photography workshops and tours in near his home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. View his work here.

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Waterfall Photography Tips

Most landscape photographers, myself included, love to photograph gigantic, thunderous, raging waterfalls, quiet little babbling brooks, and just about everything in between. Successfully photographing them is not always easy, though. Here are some tips that I am constantly reminding both myself and tour participants alike while in the field: (more…)

Using Telephoto Lenses for Landscape Photography

When one thinks of landscape photography, one more often than not imagines dramatic, sweeping grand landscape scenes, which are almost exclusively taken with ultra wide-angle lenses. While these scenes can be quite stunning (and beautiful... and a lot of fun to shoot!), it is nice to make use of the...