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I'm Alex Coleman, a commercial and travel photographer in Arizona. As an educator, I enjoy sharing my appreciation for photography with audiences both online and in person. You can see more of my work on my website.

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DJI Launches Mini 3 Pro: 4K 60p Video, 48MP Photos, 249g

DJI has officially launched the Mini 3 Pro, a drone that features high-end and novel capabilities, like 4K60 video, up to 47 minutes of flight time, and APAS 4.0 obstacle detection and avoidance. Importantly, the Mini 3 Pro with the Intelligent Flight Battery still comes in at under 250g. For...

SmallRig 220 Series LED Lights Review

I’ve loved SmallRig’s camera support gear for years. While I most associated their brand with the high quality cages and L-plates that I’ve put on each of my last few cameras, I was surprised to see that they have branched out into lighting. Do these new light products continue the...

Continuous vs Strobe Lighting for Photography

Any time you consider buying new lighting equipment, it can be a daunting decision. There are more choices in the lighting world than almost anywhere else in photography. One of the simplest such choices is also one of the most critical: should you get a continuous light or a strobe?

Real Estate Drone Photography: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Drone photography has grown to become an essential offering for real estate photography, but between a complex regulatory environment, a whole new set of gear considerations for both photo and video, and the challenges of shooting from a new angle, it can be tricky to start. Fortunately, in this introductory...

Introduction to Manual Focus on a Camera Lens

Manually focusing your camera lens can seem tricky. Compared to the ease of autofocus, you may wonder why you even still have manual focus as an option. It still has a number of important uses, however, and it’s a great skill to learn. In this introduction to manual focusing a...

How to Install Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are powerful tools that can drastically speed up your editing process. Whether you want to quickly set a baseline edit or easily replicate the signature look of your favorite film stock, presets give you a head start on your Lightroom edit. The install process, however, can be tricky,...

What You Should Know About Prime Lenses

Camera lenses can be divided into two broad groups: prime lenses and zoom lenses. Prime lenses, which offer a single focal length and can’t zoom in or out, may seem to be inherently less useful than zoom lenses, but that’s not necessarily the case. Prime lenses can offer a wide...

Megadap MTZ11 Leica M to Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter Review

Megadap is a name you might not immediately recognize, with their product lineup consisting entirely of adapters. These adapters aren’t just your basic mounting rings, however. In the case of the MTZ11, the adapter brings autofocus to lenses that never had it: autofocusing Leica M lenses on Nikon Z cameras.

Real Estate Photography Tips for Beginners

Real estate photography can be much more than just snapping some photos of interiors. Successfully capturing a property’s unique elements can challenge your skills as a photographer and as an editor. It’s this aspect of real estate photography that has made it my favorite subject as a professional photographer.